Monday, January 2, 2012


This week the word prompt is "kiss". Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will leave comments with the authors after you read their work. 
Jean Joachim (Contemporary Romance - PG-13)
"Grey & Carrie's Christmas"
Carrie was enveloped first in Fran’s arms for a hug. Member after member gave her hugs, then moved on to hug Grey. John eased everyone away from the doorway so he could close the door.

E.A. Irwin (Paranormal Romance)

"Moonlight Becomes You" 
     “I can’t believe you did this to me!”

      David ran strong hands along my spine, his fingertips leaving a trail of excited gooseflesh behind. Warm breathy breezes eased around my ear as he spoke. “Sweetheart, I couldn’t help myself.”

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy (Romance, Rated G)
"Jeton's Kiss"
Although the July sun baked down over the neighborhood baseball field with intense heat, just enough wind stirred to raise a few dust devils from the bare infield.   As she stepped up to bat, Janiya watched them for a moment with curiosity and then she saw him.    He was no teenager like the rest of them gathered to play pickup ball but he wasn’t old either. 
"Sacred Fires"
She yielded to the warmth of his nearness and nestled against his chest. The steady beat of his heart calmed her until the ride stopped. They sat perched at the top. When it creaked, she pulled on Miguel’s shirt. “We’re stuck! We’re going to fall off. I knew it!”

Stefan Ellery (Sci/Fi/Fantasy)
“Stay in here.”  Silf waved her hand on the wall and it opened up
revealing a small closet sized space.
Paul went in and he noticed right away the smell, of something rotten.
Lindsay Downs (Romantic Suspense- Rated "R")
He followed her down one aisle, his eyes glued to the sultry sway of her hips. Before she knew what had happened, he had her against a freezer door. A solid wall of man between her and escape, which was the last thing on her mind.

Kay Springsteen (Contemporary Romance)
“What’s it like?” she asked softly. “Living here? Is it lonely?”
A bemused expression crossed Justin’s face. Then his mouth widened into a pleasing smile.  “No, not so much. Not lately, anyway.” The glance he sent her sizzled along her exposed skin, little electrical charges of awareness
Cecilia Robert  (YA/Paranormal Romance)

My best friend, Ania and I leave the cafeteria, and stroll down the hall and towards huge main door leading to the gardens to soak up on the sun.  Suddenly Ania jabs me with her elbow, and I flinch and glare at her, and before I can open my mouth to protest how bony her elbow is, she jerks a thumb towards main door. “There’s your boy, Kat.”...

Linna Drehmel
"Truth Be Told, Part Two"

“Oh my!” She exclaimed out loud.
“You are the most stunning creatures I have ever seem”
Stone stared at her plump dewy lips in anticipation. It wasn't as though they'd never been together. Just remembering how it used to be, his whole body tingled. Tonight was the night, no more waiting. His stomach clenched and he prayed that nothing waylaid his plans.
Sherry Gloag (Contemporary Romance)
“Suppose we talk things through rationally?” Rose Kiss cast an irritated look at her companion.  “You come here today and tell me you are leaving tomorrow, to take up a new job on the other side of the country, and you want me to go with you?”

Karen Cino (Contemporary romance)

 Alexandra left the front door unlocked and sat on the floor, staring into the blazing fire waiting for Billy. Last night she barely slept as thoughts of what to say to Billy irked her. A white legal pad sat on her lap. Earlier, she had separated the page into two columns: positive and negative.
Lena Hart (Contemporary Romance)
“You cut your hair,” he stated as if suddenly coming to the realization.

She ignored the slight shivers that resulted from his light touch. His leaving had left a painful scar in her heart – a scar he alone was responsible for – and she wasn’t going to let his touch distract her from that pain. She needed it to protect herself from him.