Monday, January 9, 2012


Welcome and thanks for stopping by. This week we are writing to the prompt "lies".

Jean Joachim (Contemporary Romance, Rated "R")
"The Love List"
Flipping off her shoes, Carrie slipped her fleece pants off and hung them over the back of a chair. She left her fleece top and bra on as the chill in the air made the room too cold for sleeping topless.
Jenny skipped along the street, her pigtails flying, her eyes shining, and a permanent smile on her face.  She carried her present for Shirley in the plastic carrier bag hanging from her arm.
Today her bestest friend was celebrating her ninth birthday with a fancy-dress party, and next week it would be her turn.  Somehow, the figure nine seemed more grown-up than eight.  Nearer double figures. Today, she’d decided to dress up as Cinderella.
Karen Cino (Contemporary Romance)
    Yes, their adventure began.  Over the course of the next few weeks, Alexandra and Billy searched for possible locations for their business venture.  Out on her own, Alexandra found a store front, which stood vacant between a hair salon and dry cleaners. 
E.a. Irwin  (Dark fiction, Rated "R" for violence)
Blood flew from my mouth as a fist connected with my jaw for the thousandth time. Hands grabbed my hair, wrenching my head backward as another set of fists pummeled the slab of meat previously known as my battered face.
“Where did you hide the money, Larry? Tell us now and save yourself the inevitable.”
"Marcus and the Ruby Slippers"
Marcus always imagined that he would teach in a large suburban high school, one of those with a sprawling campus and perks like an indoor swimming pool. He had envisioned that perfect classroom so many times that it seemed real in his mind, complete with a bank of energy efficient windows and a Smart Board. Even though he graduated with his teaching degree magna cum laude, he found out that the good jobs, like the one he dreamed about, were scarce.
Stefan Ellery  (Sci Fi/Fantasy)
Paul pulled himself away from the bug, seeing Silf laughing on the floor annoyed him.  He wondered how she would like having a giant roach kiss her.  Even though he had a nano layer protecting him, he was sure whatever it used to kiss him got through.
Lindsay Downs (Suspense) 
For the better part of her adult life she'd dealt with people who lied, cheated, stole or committed a crime against soldiers. She'd even gotten to the point where she'd developed a sixth sense when it came to separating the false from the truth. 
He could feel the adrenaline in the air, the dark clouds swirling around him. He could feel the clawing sensation from within, as the last of the flames in his heart waned. The darkness swooped in, snatched him, dragged him, took him away from his home, from the place he had grown so familiar with all these years.
Linna Drehmel  (Sci Fi/Fantasy)
"Truth Be Told, Part 3"
“What do you mean you went mad?” Natalie asked the large green dragon.

Sherri Hayes (Erotic Romance, Rated PG-13)
Drew Parker had finally drummed up the nerve to come here by himself last month. The thought of him walking into a kink club period had made him anxious. The thought of going there alone terrified him. 
Lena Hart  (Romantic Suspense)
“What are you going to do with Bennett’s sister?”
Marc looked through the video monitor at Amber Bennett. She sat staring off into space, looking completely loss and alone in the interview room. She had been sitting like that since he’d left the room. 
Kay Springsteen (Sweet Contemporary Romance)
Justin moved closer to Abe so he could give Beth a boost into the saddle but she stood still near the daffodil garden, her camera resting in the palm of her hand. He smiled as he watched her cock her head to one side, looking like one of the sunny yellow blooms bobbing in the wind.
Thomas Cowie (Sci/Fi)
"Machines of Darkness"

The chamber was carved from the natural grey and green bedrock of the planet. The rock walls had been cut with a precision that only a high powered plasma beam could accomplish. All surfaces were smooth and flawless, with no trace of tool marks.
Cecelia Robert (Contemporary Romance)
"Lies and other disasters…like Love"

It had always been just that: lies laced heavily with sweet words to resemble love.Yeah, right. Disasters like love.  Quickly, she yanked the last drawer open, grabbed the lacy undergarments from inside....


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