Monday, December 31, 2018

Tuesday Tales – word prompt ‘year’ #romance #amwriting #freereads #excerpt

Welcome to Tuesday Tales, the place for weekly FREE READS! Click on the author's name and go to their blog. When you finished reading, return and move on to the next one. The word prompt this week is ‘year.’ Thank you for stopping by!

TRISHA FAYE (Historical Fiction)
“As long as Sister Nettie doesn’t give me the evil eye again because she thinks my skirts are too short or my sweaters too tight.”

V.L. LOCEY (MM Hockey Romance)
“Are all your parties this wild?"

TRICIA ANDERSEN (Paranormal/Greek god romance)
He leaned even closer to Demeter. “No girlfriend.”

JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
“Just don’t get preggers again. Okay?” Her mother whispered.
“It’s not like I’m going to take up with some random stranger, Mum,” Maggie said, twisting a handkerchief in her hand.

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Holiday Romance)
“Diana runned away,” the child repeated, her voice clogged with tears. "It was my fault.”

“Are you an abolitionist?”

Monday, December 24, 2018

Tuesday Tales Christmas

Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week our word prompt is Christmas. Click on the author's name to go to their blog. Don't forget to come back and read all the stories. Thanks for stopping by. 

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Christmas Romance)
"Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I prefer handmade ornaments.”  

TRISHA FAY (Historical Fiction)
Wouldn’t that be just perfect? A Christmas Eve proposal?

V. L. LOCEY (MM Hockey Romance)
I paused when I got to listing examples of Bran's influence in my life.

JEAN JOACHIM (Small Town Romance)
"You're so self-sufficient. You're amazing."

Monday, December 17, 2018


This week is a picture prompt week. Our writers can pick from any of these pictures to use to inspire their stories. The writers are limited to 300 words only for their stories. Click on the writer's name to go to their blog and read their work. 

JEAN JOACHIM (Small town/Holiday romance)
Holding up binoculars, she could make out the Christmas tree in the window across the street. 

TRISHA FAYE (Historical Fiction)
“Why ever not? You don’t want me sneaking in and reading your diary?”

TRICIA ANDERSEN (Greek God/Paranormal Romance)
He might be married to her sister but he made it clear as crystal he felt he possessed her too.

FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS (Historical Knight Romance)
"My father keeps a hunting lodge not far from here."

  “Settle in?” Theodora asked. 

V. L. LOCEY (MM Hockey Romance)
“If I kissed you right now would that freak people out?”

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Christmas Romance)
Keitha laughed. “The next thing you’ll tell me is that you’ll be decorating the place for Christmas this year.”  

Monday, December 10, 2018

Tuesday Tales from the Word BLADE

Good morning and welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales, the weekly blog where a group of writers share their works in progress with you. This week, our word prompt is BLADE.  There are lots of creative ways the word can be used. Take a look and see for yourself!

TRISHA FAYE (Historical Fiction)
“Of course not, you silly goose. You know I only have eyes for Bing Crosby.

JEAN JOACHIM (Small Town Romance)
Jess stretched out on the grass. She turned her head to watch the birds and a few blades tickled her nose.

V.L. LOCEY (MM Hockey Romance)
The goalie, still in his mask and gear, rapping on the tall wall of Plexiglas trying to get my attention.

Here are the sentences:  She raised herself on her tiptoes until the tip of their noses nearly touched. “To save your life.”

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Christmas Romance)

Why was it that, no matter where you lived, come the year’s first snowfall, everyone suddenly forgot how to drive?

Monday, December 3, 2018

Tuesday Tales - Crazy

Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week our word prompt is crazy. Click on the author's name to go to their blog. Don't forget to come back and read all the stories. Thanks for stopping by.

TRISHA FAYE - Historical Fiction
Elsie bit the inside of her cheek and focused her attention back on her tutor.

He nodded and remained silent with an eager expression on his face. 

JEAN JOACHIM - Holiday Short Story
“Are you crazy?” Molly asked her twin brother, Keith.
“Aw come on,” Keith whined.

SUSANNE MATTHEWS - Christmas Romance
She was married, and married was off-limits.

“I think I’m upgrading. There isn’t enough money in the world that compares to how you make me feel when you just look at me.”