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The following writers have written 300-word stories prompted by this picture. Click on the author's name to go to their story. Thank you for stopping by. We hope you will leave a comment. Every writer has a link for you to return here and read more.

"We don't need bathing suits here," Chas said as he ripped his t shirt over his head.
Jenny blushed when a wicked grin spread across his face.

"Where are the kids?”  She pushed his hands away.

“You mean our little demon-spawn?” He nuzzled her neck, backing her towards their tent. 

It didn’t matter that the sky was perfect, the sand warm. The luscious palm trees, the still water – all of it was the setting of the damned. 

Gabby awoke with a start and sat up. As quickly as she went up, she groaned and returned to lying down.
'Get a grip, man,' he muttered as the hairs on the back of his neck began to rise.  What on earth could be wrong with the tranquility of his surroundings?

Long before they were together he’d worn Hawaiian shirts, those crazy, bright, loud shirts screaming for attention, begging for a tropical vacation.

“Hurry!” Mike tugged on Jenna’s hand, urging her to run faster over the uneven ground.

"The Getaway"
“Montego Bay, baby. Seven days in the sun, seven nights in tropical heaven.”
She fought to keep her eyes open but the sun warmed grass, a gentle breeze rustling nearby palm fronds, the soft, almost silent lap of water against the boat had other ideas. 

Claire Jenkins, mystery author, stepped out of the rustic rowboat as it neared the beach, then pulled it ashore. Taking a break during a writer’s conference in Hawaii, she was off to explore the smaller island across the shore.

Heat makes you do strange things. So do dames.

 “It's beautiful here,” I took a good look around, absorbing the tropical paradise surrounding me. All of the rich flower smells and the moist air reminded me instantly of home.
Sid looked at the the lagoon and the pristine nature that the island held. No doubt there was lots of food that could be gathered. 

"Badge of Honor"
You know it could be anything, but you’re pretty certain it’s a body. You want to say something to Neville, but you know he’ll laugh at you, as he does

RAWIYA (Contemporary M/M/ erotic romance)
“Bring it here!” Peter called out to the young man he’d had has eyes on for the past three months. Finally they decided to go out on a date after both got over their fears.  

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Today our authors are writing stories to the word prompt "dress". Come read our stories and please leave a comment. Thank you for stopping by!

JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
"The Renovated Heart"
The thought of a man hitting on her filled her with dread. She felt afraid, vulnerable.  

DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic Romance, PG-13, language)
“Hey, sweetheart, I’m sorry I missed you.  I thought we’d agreed on the time today but after pulling an all-nighter on guard duty, my brain is fried.”  Kaleb twisted the cord of the phone around his finger as he spoke into Paisley’s answering machine.

CHRISTINA COLE  (Sweet Contemporary Romance)
"Love Spells, Chapter Two"
Barefoot and dressed in a simple cotton gown, Ellie stood at the window on Friday evening, watching as the sun slowly slipped below the horizon. She had no idea, actually, what she should wear for spell-casting, so she’d chosen something simple, something natural, something comfortable.

SHERRY GLOAG (Contemporary Romance)
Rosemary studied her son, Callum Hamilton.  Eight years old, and the love of her life.
“You know,” he said, rising to his knees on his bed, “you look like a princess in that dress.”
She slumped against the closed door, ear pressed against it, listening for any telltale noise she’d been followed. Silence, but her instincts said different and they had saved her on more than one occasion.

CECELIA ROBERT (Paranormal Romance)If anyone would have told me that I’d be getting married on the eve of my twentieth birthday, I’d have scoffed at them. But here I was in my room, getting ready for just that.

DAWNE PROCHILO (Contemporary Romance)
Inhaling deeply, Dani strolled toward the check out grabbing a bag of bite size chocolate candies. Impulsive emotional buying was influencing her, nonetheless she had a feeling the mood food would be necessary soon enough.
"Mistress of Pendragon)His gaze riveted to her bosom, and she glanced down and her jaw dropped open in surpise. Gone were the jeans, knit jacket, and sneakers she wore on the plane.

It doesn’t bother you that you have to teach him to dress himself. All over again. It doesn’t bother you that he doesn’t remember your name.

(Romantic Drama)
 I don't believe it.  Both women came in dressed up in dresses that left little to the imagination.

KAREN CINO (Contemporary romance)Billy played with the key in the lock.  It was raining so hard that the umbrella Alexandra held over Billy’s head blew inside out
J.F. JENKINS (Contemporary)
A sword pressed into Princess Reese’s side. Not deep as if to draw blood, but still firm enough so she understood that Captain Tristan White of the Scandalous Vixen meant business.

(Sci Fi/Fantasy)
Paul had no idea that something could taste so vile. He was used to some bland processed foods and some of the artificial flavouring contained in them,  he knew what onions tasted like, he knew what mango tasted like.

"Dress of Dreams"
She should never have packed it, the dress and Tina couldn’t even remember why she did.  Until the last possible moment, she thought Nick would leave and she would stay.

E.A.IRWIN (Sci Fi)Beatrice studied herself in the mirror, the revelation as unremarkable as the previous day. Those she lived among mentioned turning eighty was a milestone.

KAY SPRINGSTEEN (Contemporary Romance)
A light breeze teased Kyle with a floral scent. Odd how it seemed heavier now than it had earlier, more like roses than like lilacs.

"Why?" Sabrina whined at Henry as they stood on the Rail Bridge over the river Daugava in Latvia. 

"Sabotage, Part Four"

DraDonna looked down and saw and odd sight through her tears. Jude’s soul was kneeling by Symons body. She had one hand on his head and one hand on his chest.

KATHLEEN TIGHE BALL (Modern Cowboy Romance) 
For the life of her, Summer didn't know what to think. Nothing had prepared her for Rachael's plea for a mother. 

SELAH JANEL (Urban Fantasy- PG)
It didn’t matter that the sky was perfect, the sand warm. The luscious palm trees, the still water – all of it was the setting of the damned. 
JOHN HANSEN (Thriller)
She slid a pair of dark tinted glasses over her eyes, put on fancy black high heels and smiled confidently. She could do this.

LENA HART (Romantic Suspense)Idiot. Marc directed the insult to himself and the woman who had him wrapped around her little finger. She had worked the helpless, desparate act well and he had fallen for it.


The SUV reaches a small one room shack twenty miles out of town in the middle of nowhere. The dark figure slipped out of the SUV and carried the unconscious couple into the shack, locks the door, then climbed into his SUV and heads back into town.

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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. This week, the writing prompt was "cheat". We hope you enjoy our stories.

"The Renovated Heart"
She had always been a devoted wife and mother, putting Johnny and Zoe before herself; She liked being a wife and mother, she was good at it and had tried to talk Johnny into having another child. But he refused. 

KHARISMA RHAYNE (Contemporary Military Erotic Romance)
I couldn’t help but to envy his confidence. The ease of which he moved my hands to the front of his pants, encouraging me to remove them. And here I was, trembling, trying to keep from running.

DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic romance, PG-13)
Rubbing her stinging eyes against her shirt sleeve, Paisley pushed the memories away, determined that she would no longer dwell on what she couldn’t have.  A recent visit from svelte black goddess, a woman so different not only in looks but temperament, had sent her world crashing to the ground.  At first she hadn’t believed the woman.
CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet Contemporary Romance)
"Love Spells"
"You've got to be out of your mind. The man lied to you, cheated on you, dumped you, and ran off with another woman. Why would you want him back?"

LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Mystery)

Ahead, through the thinning trees, she heard the thunder of water. Puzzled, since she couldn’t see a stream or river, with a soft flick of her wrist she halted Cory.
"It was only once. Honey, honestly!"
Amber's jaw dropped and her beautiful green eyes focused on him. "Once?" she asked in a whisper.

MICHAEL CHARTON (Romantic Suspense)
After what seemed like an eternity, she finally responded with throwing her arms around me.  ”You will be mine!” She snapped 

KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)

Alexandra stood outside Dan’s front door.  This was the last thing she expected to be doing.  When she said goodbye to Dan two years ago, she had closed the door to that part of her life.

 "Mistress of Pendragon"
Billy had been the sort of chap you bring home to mother until he cheated with your best friend in accounting. After two rotten love affairs and her layoff from the company, Stefani had no place to go but home. Back to London. 

SHERRY GLOAG (Maintream Contemporary Romance)
“I say, that’s a bit of a cheat. Isn’t it?”
Sacha watched the dull red creep up the young man’s neck and into his face beneath his scrutiny. “What is it you say is a cheat?  Forgive me, English is not my native e language, perhaps you could explain it to me.”

The full moon illuminated the night as if it were trying to out do the sun. Henry and Sabrina walked the streets of Manhattan. Birdland had been smokin hot that night with its smooth Jazz sounds and then pumping out Swing.
STEFAN ELLERY (Sci fi/Fantasy)
Silf’s strides were long and purposeful.Paul had a hard time keeping up with her. He could tell she was upset, the kidnapping had affected her and he wondered what she was about to do.
Snow blanketed the world in white but the calm failed to last.  Some incident Tina might never fully understand, some stray moment of violence caused the ongoing hostility to erupt again, not full scale but ever present.  Her stress levels soared higher when Nick went out to walk the camp’s perimeter or make a foray into the frozen wasteland surrounding them.

"Trust Me"
You’ve cheated your way here and you know you have to be careful. You suspect one or two of your colleagues know and it’s only a matter of time before someone asks you to do something simple. Something a junior doctor would know. 

(Modern Cowboy Romance)
"Summer's Desire"

By the time they pulled into the parking lot, cars were being deflected to the overflow area. Anna drove to the drop-off zone instead. Garrett hated the feeling of being treated like a gimp, even if he technically was one at the moment. But he had to admit the idea of another long walk over snow-covered uneven ground held very little appeal.

DAWNE PROCHILO (Contemporary romance) 
"No Holiday Plans"
Dani McPherson turned off the stereo system gently playing a holiday song throughout the small office. Why she subjected herself to such torture was beyond belief but the library director who had just left practically demanded the music to liven the mood of the meeting.

SELAH JANEL (Chick Lit/Horror)
 She took her time and ate another mouthful of pie before answering, letting the apples in their thick sauce melt over her tongue. Let him feel guilty; let him think about what he’s done. “Darling, I’m a librarian and a little sheltered, but I’m not stupid. No, it wasn’t my first time. It’s just been a while,” she murmured, her tone sharper than she wanted.

"Sabotage, Part Three"
“SYMON!” DraDevon yelled as loud as he could, but there was
only silence in response.


"The Consultant" 
Drying off his hands, he called to his girlfriend, who should’ve been upstairs. “Sandra? You there?”
He was greeted by the hollow echo of his words throughout the empty apartment. “Sandra?”

LENA HART (Romantic Suspense)

Amber’s heart thudded against her chest as she walked out of the busy precinct into the cool California night. She couldn’t shake the image of the detective’s harsh, angry face so she tried to focus on getting as far as she can from the police station.



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JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
"The Renovated Heart"
Kit Alexander ordered a Cosmopolitan and sat back, her heart racing in anticipation of tomorrow’s departure. After twelve years of marriage, a career in banking and raising an 11-year-old daughter, Kit was finally going to live her dream of becoming a published author. 

KHARISMA RHAYNE (Contemporary Military Erotic Romance - "R")
“Come on Sadie, we’ve been dating for eleven months now. I’ve been patient. Stay over tonight and let’s take the next step in our relationship,” Neil gave a serious look over his glass of tea as he sat across the table from her.

LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual mystery)
Her eyes were focused ahead on the terrain; looking, searching for dangers. His, on the other hand, were on her and the gentle rise and fall of her breast.

CATHY GREENFEDER (YA Paranormal Romance)

When she looked at him in that way which turned his heart, he smiled.
She pushed him away. “Honestly, Jake, you’re turning serious on me. I need your help to solve this. If that experiment with the Ouija board is an indication it’s more complicated than I expected. Mary’s father killed him.”
SELAH JANEL (Urban Fantasy - PG)
Alyssa had no concept of how long they fell, but when they hit solid ground her knees crumpled out from underneath her. It took a good long time for the world around her to stop spinning and she bent her forehead over her knees in the hopes that the position might keep her from depositing her lunch all over Pike’s feet. He deserved it, but she doubted she had it in her at the moment to aim.

(Contemporary Romance)
With a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner behind them, Alexandra and Billy returned to Billy’s house to work on the menu.   Billy opened his front door and Alexandra gasped when she walked in.  Soft music played and in the living room were multiple bouquets of heart shaped balloons and about four dozen red, pink and white roses.

It had been several days since the meeting in the woods had taken place. Sabrina was able to calm things down between Carmine and Ishmael. Giving them the security in knowing that she was ready to take her position in the war against the Angels.

(General Fiction)
"Two Hearts"The surgeon had told you that you shouldn’t feel any different after the operation. Uncomfortable, yes, but you’re not sure what you are feeling. Elated? Strong. Youthful. Not how you’d expected but then you’d spent years feeling sub-human, on enough pills to be a walking Tic-Tac packet, so anything else would have been better.

(Sci Fi/Fantasy)
Paul sat against the metal hut with his legs stretched out,  Silf’s head rested on his thighs.  He didn’t want her to bruise her head on the rough pavement.  In all his life he had never dreamt that he would have such close contact to a girl.


Bad news never got better. Horrific news ate your core. Walking through my house became surreal—a plod through wet cement while my shoulder bag beat against my side like a metronome measuring each pace.

(Fictional Drama)
Someone asked if I would be their Valentine.  I said I was flattered, but my heart is given to another.

RUTH A. CASIE (Historic Fantasy)
He’d go through the seven circles of hell to rescue Rebeka. “I should have anticipated… I should have warned her,” he said to the empty room. Lord Arik slammed his fist onto the wooden table and set the papers flying. Slowly, he sank into the chair, his elbows on the table-his forehead resting on his clasped hands. “I should have… I should have protected her.”

CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet Contemporary Romance)
The bell above the shop door jingled brightly. Putting a smile on her face, Angela Taylor set aside the bouquet she'd been working on and turned.
"May I help --"
She stopped short, blinked, and glanced at the bell.
No one stood before the tall, wooden counter.

(Contemporary Romance - Sensual)
Winter griped the mountains in a tight fist and the cold seeped through the thin tent into Tina’s bones.  No one ventured outside to tend the fires so each faded into ashes and the blustering wind carried those away.  Inside, she huddled against Nick within a cocoon of blankets and sleeping bags but she couldn’t get warm. 

(Contemporary Romance)
My mind wandered as I gazed up the tall building. I swallowed hard forcing myself to focus on the flashing neon signs. House of Hearts. My thoughts stuttered, and my breath caught in my throat. What was it like inside?

(Modern Cowboy Romance)

"Summer's Desire"
Summer pulled away. The shock on her face scared him. He should have been honest with her from the start. She stepped backwards again shaking her head the whole time. "She has your eyes."

KERRY FLOWERS (Suspense)The mysterious man glances down at his watch, seeing the time, he exits the car and makes his way around to the back of her house and tests the door knob. An evil smile spreads from ear to ear as he discovered that the door is indeed unlocked.

DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic Romance - "PG-13")
It all started with this heart.  Paisley twisted the necklace between her fingers, watching as the heart-shaped locket spun slowly.  She’d been on top of the world when Kaleb had placed the golden trinket around her neck.

KAY SPRINGSTEEN (Contemporary Romance)
He stared out the window and she followed his line of vision, wondering what he was seeing, sensing it was not the snow falling as though being dumped from a giant salt shaker.“I was good at what I did.” His voice was low, his tone almost dead. 


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   Welcome to Tuesday Tales, stories written to the prompt "love" today. Please click on the name of the author and you will be taken to the story. We hope you enjoy them and please leave a comment.
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance - R)
"The Renovated Heart"

Jim Caterson, head of the English department at Kensington State, saw Sarah Morgan, his next door neighbor, through his bedroom window. 
KHARISMA RHAYNE  (Contemporary Military Erotic Romance, heat level 1)
In high school I thought I was in love with Mr. Football. All right, well, his name was Matt and he was the captain of the football team and had been the star varsity quarterback since his freshman year. That alone was a very rare occurrence.
Dearest Preston,
It has been two weeks now since you left me standing on my front porch.  I don’t know where in the world you might be or what you might be doing, but I do know one thing… you are all I think about.
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Billy and Alexandra remained in each other’s arms under his black satin sheets.  The smell of their lovemaking remained evident in the room, along with the smell of the meal Billy had cooked and they had yet to eat.  Alexandra wanted to lay there all night with him.  The warmth of Billy’s body felt good against hers.
DAWNE PROCHILO (Contemporary erotic, PG-13)
"Weekend Retreat"
“Well, he leaned in to the car to talk, was looking around at everything then when I got him my registration, I saw the remote. I just tossed it on the seat next to me. When I turned back to him, he was smiling.”
Silence filled the airwaves.
“You there? Did you hear me? I'm mortified.”
“Babe...” Vinnie broke off into laughter.
“He really loved Mary, and he thinks you’re her, Georgina. Maybe you better change out of that antique gown. It’s not your style, and neither is he.”
RUTH CASIE (Historical Fantasy - PG)
Lisbeth reached under the blanket and threaded her fingers through the soft hair of his torso to rest her hand on his bare chest. A sense of unease came over her. She pushed it aside for the moment. His breathing was shallow and slow but his heartbeat was strong. With her other hand she reached to lift his eye lid.
(Sensual Mystery)
Stepping outside the she winced at the change from dreary dark to bright Wyoming sun. From atop her mahogany hair she slid a pair of pilot style sunglasses down over her soft green eyes.
MORGEN BAILEY (General Fiction)
You wonder if she’s married. She talks in first person. Always I, never we. Singular. No ring. Like you. You’ve never spoken to her, of course, just heard snippets of conversation from two rows ahead.
TAINA VICARI (Fantasy, Heat Level, subtle)Henry stood with Ishmael and Carmine in the middle of the woods waiting for the arrival of Sabrina. It had been four months since he had last saw her. He had hoped that was long enough for him to be able to extingquish his feelings for her.
SELAH JANEL (Urban Fantasy - PG)
The patter of footsteps on the pavement between buildings was nice. It reminded Alyssa that she was alive, that there were others hurrying across the quad to their next class besides her. All too often it seemed she got trapped in her own little world of studying and worrying about what would be left for her after graduation.
"Sabotage - Part One"The yellow sun of their world beat down on them. Symon and two of his bonded friends worked on a small house for his beloved Jude. DraDonna and DraDevon had told him not to work like this. They could not risk him getting hurt.
CAROLYN GIBBS (Contemporary Romance - PG)
There was a knock at the bedroom door. It must be Tyrone because the kids never knock. They just bust in. A year ago our home had no closed doors.
CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet Contemporary Romance)
"Lover Boy"Never again.
Mariah swore under her breath as she traipsed through the gloomy winter’s night, her footsteps crunching over the snow-covered earth. She bent low, ruffled the icy branches of a juniper bush and muttered once more.
KATHLEEN TIGHE BALL (Contemporary Cowboy Romance)
"Summer's Desire Twenty Six"
Stone watched as the colors of the Christmas tree lights washed over Summer. He wanted to strip her bare and see her luscious body bathed in red, green, yellow and blue. The desire to make love to her grew to insatiable hunger. His body responded painfully but he couldn't turn way.
"City Mounse, Country Mouse"
Coffee and a bagel; that was the morning routine as each dawn without fail Mandi made her way through the city streets to the small café. She, who grew up running barefoot through green pastures, now traveled the asphalt jungle as if it were her native habitat.
Most days she bought a paper, usually a Post or the Times because she was a city person now, not a hillbilly, not any of those names they called her when she arrived, suitcase in hand from a Greyhound Bus.
“Don’t forget to turn the magazines face down when you put them back, especially the TV program magazines.”  Sally, on her way to stack the shelves with her armful of boxes of little cakes reminded the newest member of staff.
"Machines of Darkenss - Part Four"
One month down, and what excitement thought Wayde sarcastically. He was just finishing up another uneventful shift at Universal Tech. and thinking back on his days here.
KAY SPRINGSTEEN (Contemporary Romance)
“What if I told you I loved you?” Kyle asked. “What would you say to that?” 

STEFAN ELLERY (Sci fi/Fantasy)
Paul followed the alien through the busy streets, it did not seem that anyone cared to take notice that an unconscious person was being carried over someones shoulders. They certainly noticed him walking by. The crowds he strode through even went to the point of pressing themselves against the walls of buildings or ran inside the shops.
E.a. IRWIN (Contemporary)

Martha fastened the strap around her ankle ensuring the five-inch Lucite stiletto wouldn’t slip off her foot. Slowly dragging her hands along fishnet stockings, she sighed vampishly as she playfully snapped their lacy tops against her firm, tanned thighs.
KATHLEEN GRIEVE  (Paranormal Romance)

Freshly showered and changed, Tatum sat absorbing the Sun’s healing rays streaming through a coffee shop window just down the street from the hotel.