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   Welcome! thanks for stopping by. Today our writers have stories written to the prompt "save". Click on the writer's name to go to their blog and read their story. We hope you enjoy our work. Please leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you.
"The Dating List"
“Save some for me, first…I have some good news.”
“Do tell,” Carrie said as she put the top down on the coffeemaker and turned to face her.
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensuous Mystery)
With a menacing gleam in her eyes she brushed the flat tanto blade against the bulge in his pants. She watched as his eyes take on a panic stricken look before she withdrew the instrument of torture.
Sacha Mathieu Gasquet swore beneath his breath, hoping the carefully chosen music in the background covered his irritated expletive. Overhead lights strategically placed spotlighted many of the different groups playing a social tango as one or more joined and left groups to drift on to another. 
Sabrina woke up bright and early to hear the pigeons cooing just outside her bedroom window. Wiping the sleep from her eyes and stretching to fully awaken her body. She sighed and looked around her bedroom.
CATHY GREENFEDER (YA Paranormal Romance)She remembered how her grandmother’s friend Elisa warned her of that. “Don’t feel bad if you try and don’t succeed,” she once said. “You can’t save everyone.”
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Billy turned off the oven and plopped into his brown overstuffed chair across from the television.  He rested his black designer sneakers along the side of his oak cocktail table.  Today he made the biggest decision of his life.  Thank God, Alexandra gave him a chance to explain.
MORGEN BAILEY (General Fiction)
"Two Backwards/One Forwards"
John had never saved a life before. He wasn’t even sure this really qualified – the paramedics had taken over pretty quickly but he’d been the one who’d dragged the woman from the pool, lain her down and put her in the recovery position, something he’d not done since scouts, and Billy Wingate hadn’t counted as someone in any danger.
E. a. IRWIN (Drama/Slice-of-Life Fiction)Gregory walked through life not understanding what it meant to be alive. At one time he’d known, now, he wasn’t sure. His life had turned into a momentum of shifting grays with an occasional sepia tone added if something happened to alter his existence.
Machines of Darkness, Part 3
Wayde left the apartment in a rush, trying to shake the dream that in reality was a not so distant memory. One of many that had been plaguing him of late.

"Wishing on a Star"
Tonya shivered and pulled her jacket close around her. She must be out of her mind to be at the park on a cold, January night, bundled up against the frigid air. She rubbed her hands together, thankful for her thick, red mittens. At least, she wasn't alone like she usually was on Friday night.
SHERRI HAYES (BDSM, Romance, Suspense)
Drew’s alarm woke him at six AM; way too early considering he’d not gotten in until almost two. He’d originally planned on leaving the club at eleven last night since he knew he had to work today, but after laying eyes on Lady Beth sleep was less of a priority.
As the sun rose on a new day, a soft beam of light filters its way through the window, softly land on Samantha’s face, warming her skin. She slowly opens her eyes while stretching out the remaining sleepiness.
CAROLYN GIBBS (Contemporary Romance)
 “That’s the point, Andrea, we need to save money. Doing the gardening ourselves is a good way to do that.” 
LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Romance, heat level 3)
"Saving Souls"
Two days in the rebel encampment, a tent city scattered across a rocky mountaintop, convinced Tina she’d lived pampered until now.  Crude conditions meant cooking over open fires and hauling water from a spring not too distant.  No latrines of any kind existed and to do any personal business, she retreated into the forest.
STEFAN ELLERY (Sci Fi/Fantasy)Paul's eyes grew big as they left the docks and entered a market,  He remembered seeing markets on TV,   His favorite programs Bizarre foods, had shown markets from all of the world.  One of the more interesting ones was in Thailand.

KHARISMA RHAYNE (Contemporary Military - Heat 4)
He rolled her onto her back and got on top of her.
"It's time." He said.
She turned her head away from him but didn't push him away.
Gently grabbing her face, he turned her to look at him. "I want to make love to you."
KATHLEEN TIGHE BALL (Contemporary Cowboy Romance)

"Summer's Desire 25"Summer gazed into the mirror, horrified by her red puffy eyes. Another sleepless night spent. Somehow, she needed to save Christmas for Rachael. Her heart wouldn't be in it but she refused to disappoint that little girl.
KAY SPRINGSTEEN (Contemporary Romance)
“Barbecue?” James stared in disbelief at the snow-covered road ahead, with snow dropping from the sky at the rate of about an inch per hour. “In the snow?”
MICHAEL CHARTON (Inspirational)
Henri Gilbert was the goalkeeper for a minor league hockey team in the wilds of Quebec.  He was just promoted out of junior hockey and in his first game. 

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Welcome and thanks for stopping by. The word prompt for the stories this week is "game". Glad you could make it.
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance - PG-13)
"The Dating List"
“Maybe we need a fire,” Grey said approaching the fireplace in the living room.
 As Colin turned to head upstairs to change his pants as Grey knelt in front of the cold fireplace to lay a fire, the doorbell rang.
“Com’on.” Brad led the group of fellow ten-year-olds across the park towards the trees.  “It’ll be easy.”
He heard the muttering behind him and hefted his mini crossbow from one hand to the other. He patted the knotted tie that held his arrows against his back.  Jeff was carrying a bag of apples,...
 KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)The next morning, Alexandra did something she hadn’t done since she was a teen.  She sat at her kitchen table, with a mug of coffee and her house and cell phone, sitting on the chocolate brown linen napkin, waiting for it to ring.  
CHRISTINA COLE  (Sweet, contemporary romance)
Lily's fingers toyed with the knight. She glanced toward the timer, and a wicked smile spread across her lips.
STEFAN ELLERY (Sci fi/Fantasy)
They quickened their pace to separate the distance from the real Phadorn. The Gromp followed closely and aliens had to hurry to get out of their way.  They stopped in front of a large ugly ship, not smoother or sleek like the one he had left.
LINDSAY DOWNS (Mystery)Off to his right the football field. American football not the European type which he knew from TV as soccer.
DAWNE PROCHILO (Contemporary Romance - Mature "R")
“Shit! I gotta go, Vinnie. I being pulled over.” 
“I'll call you back. I'm being pulled over by a cop.” Rose flung the remote control onto the passenger seat and flipped her phone shut.
“Damn it.”
The smell of seaweed was in the air.  A crisp, inviting smell that Sabrina loved. It was a reminder of her days growing up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. 
KERRY FLOWERS (Suspense) Samantha was just a normal young woman, in a normal town, living what she thought was a normal and somewhat boring life. She was living on her own, having moved out of her parent’s house when she was 20 years old. She worked two jobs and she was going to school to get a degree so she could make something of herself.
LENA HART  (Romantic Suspense)
As soon as the doors closed behind Marc, Amber waited a few seconds then got up from her seat. Though she appreciated what the detective tried to do for her, she couldn't go with him. She had to get to Austen.
E.A.IRWIN (Mystery)
“Hmm … Murphy, let’s see if can we figure this out.” I stroked the long spine of my motley cat. His hair stood on end as he took a swipe at me, then jumped from the sofa in a decidedly cantankerous mood.
CECILIA ROBERT (Paranormal romance)
In his golden eyes, she saw insatiable hunger that had nothing to do with him lusting after her, and everything to do with her being a mid-lunch snack. Deadly didn't even begin to describe him. She fought hard to hide a smile; he probably didn't realize that she was just as deadly.
KAY SPRINGSTEEN (Contemporary romance)
The keys to Matt’s yellow Camaro were lying on the kitchen counter on top of a note offering the use of the car with the provisions that she didn’t drive it down to the boat launch and keep going, and that she try not to get it shot and killed. Anything else was fair game.
CAROLYN GIBBS (Contemporary romance) 
“It’s a good thing I didn’t get rid of the bed in the guest room. I was considering turning it into an office, but now you’ll be sleeping there,” said Andrea
KATHLEEN TIGHE BALL (Modern Cowboy, "R")
"Summer's Desire"
"If I remember correctly you enjoyed it the last time we did it." Stone enjoyed watching her face turn all shades of red as he shuffled the cards. "Strip poker is a great game and if I remember correctly you won and got to see a pretty big prize."
LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Contemporary romance "R")
"All Part of the Patriot Game"

 Stern mountains as rocky and barren as the lunar landscape stretched out before Tina as they traveled a lonely highway through Kosovo.  The strangeness of the place smote her and if she hadn’t had Nick at her side, felt his love around her as tight as a fist, warm as a blanket against a frigid winter night, she might have quailed and run away.  Since arriving on a long flight she’d felt jet lagged and out of place.
Linna Drehmel (Gothic Steampunk)
"This is not a game." Ninna told her younger brother. "It may look like fun but this kind of magic can be dangerous."
He unlocked the car door and walked her to the back entrance of the hotel. “It’s like a game of cat and mouse. You’re the bait to catch me.”

She paused at the entrance door. “Does this mean we shouldn’t see each other?”


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Welcome to Tuesday Tales! We hope you enjoy the stories our authors wrote to the word prompt "broken" this week. Meet our authors:
Jean Joachim (Contemporary Romance, "R")
"The Dating List"
Carrie opened the front door of the Manhattan townhouse she shared with her fiancé, Grey Andrews, and called to him as he shoveled the sidewalk alongside his brother, Colin.

“Grey! Colin! Come! Warm up. Break time.”
"Hey, look out, Kowalski! Watch what you're doing!"

The rosy sun climbing above the horizon enticed the cold mist to rise and hide the road ahead of the solitary rider. Without compunction Roul stole the horse from the field next to where his car broke down.  Well not ‘stolen’ precisely, he’d left his contact number under his windscreen wiper for the owner to contact him when they discovered their animal missing.
Taina Vicari (Fantasy - Heat level 2)

Henry sat in his study with a drink in hand revisiting yesterday's events. It had been a lifetime since he wanted to touch a woman. Of all the women in the world Sabrina was the one he wanted.
Kay Springsteen (Contemporary Romance, "Mature")
At the blast of her screeching alarm, Anna popped her eyes open, then squeezed them shut against the grainy feeling behind her eyelids. Her heart pounded a staccato rhythm in her throat and she slammed her fist down on the offensive noisemaker.
"Machines of Darkness, Pt. 2"
“Get down soldier!” 1st Sgt. Hyatch yelled at the same time as he grabbed the solider, pulled him back and down.
The young solider landed with a grunt on the hard, grey pavement. “Are you trying to get killed? Remember your training.”
"The Break Remains Unbroken"
Wind scudded clouds across the sky with powerful fury and the sun flirted with the earth, peeking out with flirtatious caprice.   Tina huddled tighter into her denim jacket, a blue more faded than the glimpses of clear sky as she walked down the narrow lane toward the main road.  Ruts worn deep into the frozen mud made her gait unsteady and she stumbled more than once.

Karen Cino (Contemporary Romance)
When the Bee Gee’s song, “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart”, played on the radio, Alexandra turned it off.  If she would have listen to it, she’d be crying all over again.
The past two weeks have been hard on her.  She hadn’t spoken to Billy at all.
Kathleen Ball (Cowboy Romance "R")
Stone's kiss, his touch was everything she remembered and more. His kiss left her gasping for air. She took a step back and looked around at the candles flickering throughout the room. A lump formed in her throat when she spotted the red rose petals on the bed.
Sherri Hayes  (BDSM, Erotic Romance, Rated "R")
Beth Davenport tried not to focus on all the eyes staring at her when she walked into the club. It has been three months since she’d stepped foot here. She knew there would be stares and whispers. 
Lindsay Downs (Romantic mystery)Opening sentences- With a pain only a father could feel he let his gaze take in the room. Flowers from friends sat in front of the window.
Michael Charton (Fiction/inspirational)

Willie was in the hospital after breaking his leg playing for his high school football team.

The doctor, a doctor Singh came in with the bad news.
Linna Drehmel (Sci Fi)
Hello my name is Dr. Eve Albrecht. I am the head of the Anthropology team. It is my wish that someone out there will one day discover the truth about the ‘Twitter bug’. I don’t think I have long to live as my mind is turning to mush as we speak and I think the MIB have just pulled up in front of my house.

Stefan Ellery  (Sci Fi/Fantasy)

Silf, pulled back from Paul who was now wearing a hooded dark cloak, a mesh screen covered his face.  He was given a staff to finish the piece off.

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Welcome and thanks for stopping by. This week we are writing to the prompt "lies".

Jean Joachim (Contemporary Romance, Rated "R")
"The Love List"
Flipping off her shoes, Carrie slipped her fleece pants off and hung them over the back of a chair. She left her fleece top and bra on as the chill in the air made the room too cold for sleeping topless.
Jenny skipped along the street, her pigtails flying, her eyes shining, and a permanent smile on her face.  She carried her present for Shirley in the plastic carrier bag hanging from her arm.
Today her bestest friend was celebrating her ninth birthday with a fancy-dress party, and next week it would be her turn.  Somehow, the figure nine seemed more grown-up than eight.  Nearer double figures. Today, she’d decided to dress up as Cinderella.
Karen Cino (Contemporary Romance)
    Yes, their adventure began.  Over the course of the next few weeks, Alexandra and Billy searched for possible locations for their business venture.  Out on her own, Alexandra found a store front, which stood vacant between a hair salon and dry cleaners. 
E.a. Irwin  (Dark fiction, Rated "R" for violence)
Blood flew from my mouth as a fist connected with my jaw for the thousandth time. Hands grabbed my hair, wrenching my head backward as another set of fists pummeled the slab of meat previously known as my battered face.
“Where did you hide the money, Larry? Tell us now and save yourself the inevitable.”
"Marcus and the Ruby Slippers"
Marcus always imagined that he would teach in a large suburban high school, one of those with a sprawling campus and perks like an indoor swimming pool. He had envisioned that perfect classroom so many times that it seemed real in his mind, complete with a bank of energy efficient windows and a Smart Board. Even though he graduated with his teaching degree magna cum laude, he found out that the good jobs, like the one he dreamed about, were scarce.
Stefan Ellery  (Sci Fi/Fantasy)
Paul pulled himself away from the bug, seeing Silf laughing on the floor annoyed him.  He wondered how she would like having a giant roach kiss her.  Even though he had a nano layer protecting him, he was sure whatever it used to kiss him got through.
Lindsay Downs (Suspense) 
For the better part of her adult life she'd dealt with people who lied, cheated, stole or committed a crime against soldiers. She'd even gotten to the point where she'd developed a sixth sense when it came to separating the false from the truth. 
He could feel the adrenaline in the air, the dark clouds swirling around him. He could feel the clawing sensation from within, as the last of the flames in his heart waned. The darkness swooped in, snatched him, dragged him, took him away from his home, from the place he had grown so familiar with all these years.
Linna Drehmel  (Sci Fi/Fantasy)
"Truth Be Told, Part 3"
“What do you mean you went mad?” Natalie asked the large green dragon.

Sherri Hayes (Erotic Romance, Rated PG-13)
Drew Parker had finally drummed up the nerve to come here by himself last month. The thought of him walking into a kink club period had made him anxious. The thought of going there alone terrified him. 
Lena Hart  (Romantic Suspense)
“What are you going to do with Bennett’s sister?”
Marc looked through the video monitor at Amber Bennett. She sat staring off into space, looking completely loss and alone in the interview room. She had been sitting like that since he’d left the room. 
Kay Springsteen (Sweet Contemporary Romance)
Justin moved closer to Abe so he could give Beth a boost into the saddle but she stood still near the daffodil garden, her camera resting in the palm of her hand. He smiled as he watched her cock her head to one side, looking like one of the sunny yellow blooms bobbing in the wind.
Thomas Cowie (Sci/Fi)
"Machines of Darkness"

The chamber was carved from the natural grey and green bedrock of the planet. The rock walls had been cut with a precision that only a high powered plasma beam could accomplish. All surfaces were smooth and flawless, with no trace of tool marks.
Cecelia Robert (Contemporary Romance)
"Lies and other disasters…like Love"

It had always been just that: lies laced heavily with sweet words to resemble love.Yeah, right. Disasters like love.  Quickly, she yanked the last drawer open, grabbed the lacy undergarments from inside....

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This week the word prompt is "kiss". Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will leave comments with the authors after you read their work. 
Jean Joachim (Contemporary Romance - PG-13)
"Grey & Carrie's Christmas"
Carrie was enveloped first in Fran’s arms for a hug. Member after member gave her hugs, then moved on to hug Grey. John eased everyone away from the doorway so he could close the door.

E.A. Irwin (Paranormal Romance)

"Moonlight Becomes You" 
     “I can’t believe you did this to me!”

      David ran strong hands along my spine, his fingertips leaving a trail of excited gooseflesh behind. Warm breathy breezes eased around my ear as he spoke. “Sweetheart, I couldn’t help myself.”

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy (Romance, Rated G)
"Jeton's Kiss"
Although the July sun baked down over the neighborhood baseball field with intense heat, just enough wind stirred to raise a few dust devils from the bare infield.   As she stepped up to bat, Janiya watched them for a moment with curiosity and then she saw him.    He was no teenager like the rest of them gathered to play pickup ball but he wasn’t old either. 
"Sacred Fires"
She yielded to the warmth of his nearness and nestled against his chest. The steady beat of his heart calmed her until the ride stopped. They sat perched at the top. When it creaked, she pulled on Miguel’s shirt. “We’re stuck! We’re going to fall off. I knew it!”

Stefan Ellery (Sci/Fi/Fantasy)
“Stay in here.”  Silf waved her hand on the wall and it opened up
revealing a small closet sized space.
Paul went in and he noticed right away the smell, of something rotten.
Lindsay Downs (Romantic Suspense- Rated "R")
He followed her down one aisle, his eyes glued to the sultry sway of her hips. Before she knew what had happened, he had her against a freezer door. A solid wall of man between her and escape, which was the last thing on her mind.

Kay Springsteen (Contemporary Romance)
“What’s it like?” she asked softly. “Living here? Is it lonely?”
A bemused expression crossed Justin’s face. Then his mouth widened into a pleasing smile.  “No, not so much. Not lately, anyway.” The glance he sent her sizzled along her exposed skin, little electrical charges of awareness
Cecilia Robert  (YA/Paranormal Romance)

My best friend, Ania and I leave the cafeteria, and stroll down the hall and towards huge main door leading to the gardens to soak up on the sun.  Suddenly Ania jabs me with her elbow, and I flinch and glare at her, and before I can open my mouth to protest how bony her elbow is, she jerks a thumb towards main door. “There’s your boy, Kat.”...

Linna Drehmel
"Truth Be Told, Part Two"

“Oh my!” She exclaimed out loud.
“You are the most stunning creatures I have ever seem”
Stone stared at her plump dewy lips in anticipation. It wasn't as though they'd never been together. Just remembering how it used to be, his whole body tingled. Tonight was the night, no more waiting. His stomach clenched and he prayed that nothing waylaid his plans.
Sherry Gloag (Contemporary Romance)
“Suppose we talk things through rationally?” Rose Kiss cast an irritated look at her companion.  “You come here today and tell me you are leaving tomorrow, to take up a new job on the other side of the country, and you want me to go with you?”

Karen Cino (Contemporary romance)

 Alexandra left the front door unlocked and sat on the floor, staring into the blazing fire waiting for Billy. Last night she barely slept as thoughts of what to say to Billy irked her. A white legal pad sat on her lap. Earlier, she had separated the page into two columns: positive and negative.
Lena Hart (Contemporary Romance)
“You cut your hair,” he stated as if suddenly coming to the realization.

She ignored the slight shivers that resulted from his light touch. His leaving had left a painful scar in her heart – a scar he alone was responsible for – and she wasn’t going to let his touch distract her from that pain. She needed it to protect herself from him.