Monday, June 26, 2023

Word Promp "Finiish"


Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week our word prompt is "finish". Authors can use any form of the word and there is no number of words restriction. Hop on over to each author and read her work. There is so much talent in these pages! Thank you for stopping by. 

JEAN C. JOACHIM (M/F Contemporary Small Town Romance)

How could he be so blind and stupid?

V. L. LOCEY (MM Hockey Romance)

  “Absolutely not,” I repeated for the fourth time.

TRISHA FAYE (Historical Fiction)


Bless Dovie for wondering if I’d be comfortable in here.


His wife hugged him. Hard

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (MF Contemporary Romance)

"You can’t leave without giving me an explanation. Not this time."

TRICIA ANDERSEN (MF Greek Gods Paranormal Romance)

Despite the volume of booze Ares had to have consumed, he looked far from drunk. 

Monday, June 19, 2023


Welcome to Tuesday Tales, where we write ongoing stories incorporating word and picture prompts. Our word today is "MIRROR." Click on an author's name to read the excerpt. Make sure to visit all the authors. Comments make our day!


"Don't pay her any mind."

V.L. LOCEY (MM Hockey Romance)

Ma was going to split her pantaloons when she saw this car.

TRICIA ANDERSEN (Greek god/Paranormal Romance)

The god of war was obviously on the war path.

JEAN JOACHIM (M/F Small Town Romance)

She plopped down on a chair. “I’m glad you’re taking me seriously. Not everyone does.”

JILLIAN CHANTAL (Contemporary)

"So, we're good with giving up now?"

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (M/F Contemporary Romance)

Mirror, mirror in my hand, who's the fairest in the land?

TRISHA FAYE (Historical Fiction)

Sarah was only too happy to see the tail end of May.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Tuesday Tales: From a Picture


Hello and welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales. It's picture prompt week, and our posts are limited to 300 words. Take time to read them all. Feel free to comment. We enjoy feedback.

The pictures used were: 

V.L. LOCEY (M/M Holiday Romance)

“Bowling is terribly romantic."


JEAN JOACHIM (M/F Small Town Contemporary Romance)

He shot her a crooked smile. “That’s the nicest proposal I’ve ever had.”


TRICIA ANDERSEN (Greek god/Paranormal Romance)


Nature can clear my head enough to feel him.



Dovie’s phone dinged, and she swooped it up for an urgent glance. 


SUSANNE MATTHEWS (M/F Contemporary Romance)

As if telling someone to calm down ever worked.

Monday, June 5, 2023

Tuesday Tales - Soft


Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales. This week, our word prompt is "soft". Click on an author's name to view their post. Check them all out. Feel free to comment. We love feedback.

V.L. Locey (MM Holiday Romance)

“Obviously. And these Christmas romance movies are popular?”

Jillian Chantal (Fantasy)

Brenda Sue leapt out of bed and paced the room trying to shake off the dream.

Flossie Benton Rogers (Cozy Mystery)

“She’s a piece of work.”

Trisha Faye (Historical Fiction)

Newspaper headlines screamed out the news in huge letters plastered across their front pages. Violet Dust Storm Sweeps into State: All of Midwest Hit

Tricia Andersen (Greek God/Paranormal Romance)

“Well, thank the gods that we have a lot of quality troops.”

Jean Joachim (Contemporary Small Town M/F Romance)

Did he stare at her cute butt as she left the room? Damn right he did.

Susanne Matthews (MF Contemporary Romance)

He called it living on the edge; I called it stupid and irresponsible.