Monday, December 17, 2012


Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. This will be our last post for 2012! Thank you to our readers and fans. You have made writing for this blog every week worthwhile. We are taking two weeks off and will be back on January 8th. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Come to our snowy cabin in the woods, have a cup of cheer and warm yourself by the fire. Our writers wrote stories of 300 words to this picture prompt. To go to a writer's blog, click on their name:
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
Beck Langley’s feet and hands tingled from the frigid temperature. Frostbite?  
DAWNE PROCHILO (Contemporary Romance)
"The peaceful morning greeted her as usual, with the harsh reality being nothing was calm..."
KAREN CINO(Contemporary Romance)
Erika sat on the window seat with a mug of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows floating on top.
V. L. LOCEY (Romantic Comedy)
"The Silver Box"
I was seated in a cement pond envisioning my stone cabin surrounded with snow. 
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Suspense)
The sound of barking dogs in the distance drove her forward through the knee deep snow. Her destination or so she prayed, a thin spiral of white smoke lazily drifting skyward.
IRIS BLOBEL (Aussie Romance)
Ty pulled away from her and searched her eyes wondering whether he had stepped too far. But she didn’t move, just returned his gaze for a moment in silence. 
ELIZABETH BLACK (Contemporary)
Linda stared out the car window as city lights gave way to pine trees. The temperature dropped a noticeable ten degrees the further from the city they drove, and her mood dropped just as much.
Terresa held the bottle of wine and poured it’s leftover contents into her glass. They won’t find out, how could they.
DAVEE JONES (Y.A. Romance)
"Black Diamond Hearts Are the Most Difficult"
"Matthew’s sudden quiet manner puzzled Laurel once again.  His abrupt personality changes occurred more frequently these days."
Foster O’Conner woke to total stillness, the silence of his world blanketed in snow and the electricity off.
SHERRY GLOAG (Contemporary Romance)
No babies! 

Alex had made it clear when he asked her to marry him, he didn’t want children. And at the time she’d agreed— she had a career to follow. But now?
MARIA C. FERRER (Contemporary Romance)
"Daddy Found"
The girls loved the cabin, the snow, the fireplace and the two weeks away from school. They were ecstatic, and having fun running around looking into rooms and closets with equal zeal.  The girls. His daughters.    


Monday, December 10, 2012


WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by. The word prompt this week is "future". Click on the writer's name to go to their blog and read their story. Then come back to visit another blog. 
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
"Out of My Dreams, Into My Heart"
 “Be good, squirt.” Mark hung up the phone. Even as a grown man, he missed his twin sister, Meg, especially now that he was in love. 
DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic Romance - Rated PG) 
Picking her way back across the crowded dining room, Thea tried to calm her racing heart. She was so pissed it wasn’t even funny.
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Pia had called Larry asking him to meet her at Dai Noi, explaining she needed to discuss something with him.
V. L. LOCEY (Romantic Comedy)
"The Silver Box"
Riding through the waterfall was refreshing. 
IRIS BLOBEL (Aussie Romance)
Ty shook his head and chuckled as he held out his hand to help her carry some of the things. The future is one day at a time, his father had said once, and he was hoping dearly that there would be so many more days like this.
An older woman dressed in full black looked at them and observed them for a few minutes.
“The alien with the broken foot straightened up, his face coloured red.

LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Suspense) 
“Yeah, and that looks like the same woman he was talking to when we headed out for our cruise.”
Eyelashes Freeze in North Dakota, But Not Warm Hearts
"Hey, doc, you here for me?” One fairly large and muscled male specimen approached him, limping as he made his way toward Cody." 
KATHLEEN BALL (Western Romance)
His heart pounded in his chest from being so close to her. She looked like hell but she would always be beautiful to him.
CAROLYN GIBBS(Romantic Suspense)
The doors to the large ballroom were opened for the award ceremony, and the crowd rushed in. Claire walked in and searched for seats near the aisle, not that she expected to win.
TAINA VICARI (Fantasy/Sci Fi)
Katriana sat wondering if she could commit to a life she had never thought she would be involved in. She did not ask for any of it. Why then was she chosen? 

Monday, December 3, 2012


Welcome to Tuesday Tales! Please click on the name of the writer to go to his or her blog and read their story. You'll find a link there to return hear and read more stories. Thanks for coming we hope you enjoy our writing.
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
"Out of My Dreams, Into My Heart"
“When I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you,” Darvin spit back.
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Pia stood on her porch, with her arms folded watching Lorenzo’s convertible pull down the street.
DAKOTA TRACE(Erotic Romance - PG-13)
“Excuse me but I don’t see how this is your concern.” Adam kept his voice even but the stillness around him made her think on animal getting ready to pounce.
V. L. LOCEY (Romantic Comedy)
I in no way condone violence against animals. I`m an animal lover that even goes so far as to embrace Minotaur`s, although they`re technically only half-animal.
Time passed quickly while he sat on the sled, soon they were at the base of the mountain that held the covenant and the princess. He could not see any way up.
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Suspense)
 “Again, what’s your name, damit?”
From the corner of her vision she caught movement on the deck and inwardly smile.
ELIZABETH BLACK(Erotic Romance, Naughty Fairy Tale)
"The Little Mermaid" 
"What are you doing, Mizu? Leave her alone."
"So this is what you want in my place? You can't do better?" 

IRIS BLOBEL (Aussie  Romance)
He couldn’t get enough of that smile on her face. And her eyes. 
DAVEE JONES (Ya, Paranormal Thriller) 
"Blue Ink: The Skin Stalker" 
"Colin sat silent. He had no response, except he needed to know
about Hannah so he could protect Joelle."   
KATHLEEN BALL (Western Romance) 
“Just so you know, I don’t keep alcohol or anything stronger than
an asprin around here.” His green eyes flashed and his mouth
formed a grim line. 
Lilly never really thought about it before, but now, as she listened
to the silence, the song title slid into her mind.  The Sound of
Silence.  It described the atmosphere in the house to a ‘T’.