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Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Our authors are writing to the prompt of "wish" today, so appropriate just before New Year's when we're making wishes for the new year. Hope you like our stories, please feel free to leave comments. Happy New Year to y'all!  
Jean Joachim (Contemporary romance - Rated R)
Grey and Carries Christmas - Part Three
  The gentle push from two fingers into her shoulder roused Carrie from her slumber. She opened her eyes and yawned.
            “We’re almost there. Turning on Route 517 now,” Grey said, maneuvering the car into the turn smoothly.

Lindsay Downs  (Romantic Suspense)
"Well, are you just going to stand there all day, like a dodo bird or are you getting on," he asked as he gave the rear seat a pat.

Her upper lip curled up at the corner, like she was going to snarl. "My bike, I drive. Your bike, you drive. Which means you get the 'bitch seat' buster."
“A source close to the film star Pattie Cratchet revealed the star told everyone at the new Year’s Eve party she wished she’d never entered the competition that brought her to attention of today’s leading film director.”  The radio announcer’s plumy voice filled the elegant bedroom.
It took Alexandra a few days to assess Billy’s proposition on Christmas Eve.  She had gotten lost in the moment and didn’t take the time to think about it before responding.  When Billy left Christmas night, she second guessed her decision.
J.R. Jenkins (Contemporary
I look at her, completely confused, and then I remember that the mistletoe was hung up over the backroom door still. I’d been so careful to not get caught under it with her despite all of her attempts to catch me. I’d locked lips with just about everyone that I work with – including Raven and Andy, several times I should add – all in an effort to not have to kiss her. Every year, she gets me one way or another. I just don’t want to lead her on. It’s all strictly lust at this point and that’s dangerous.
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy (Contem. romance)
Wish I May, Wish I Might
Above the rugged Ozark hills stars, resembling diamonds, sparkled in the night sky and Carin gazed upward with a rapture usually reserved for church.   The heavens glistened in the darkness and evoked dreams of other places far away, locations she’d dreamed about as long as she could recall.  Her reality – the ancient forest where she lived in a rusty old mobile home no longer moveable,  her mundane job in the local poultry processing plant deboning chicken by hand each night, and her lifelong poverty – she loathed.  
 Cecilia Robert (Paranormal Romance)
Ela drew her legs up, wrapped her arms around them, and rested her chin on her knees. She watched the snowflakes as they swirled,  performing a tuneless ballet of sorts. Finally, they settled on the white ground outside of the window, merging and becoming one with the lump of snow. Unidentifiable.  She closed her eyes and exhaled.
It was no use wishing that things were different...
Kathleen Ball (Contemporary Cowboy Romance) 
"Summer's Desire 21"
If Summer had just one wish it would be that, their kiss would never end. Stone's masculine lips captured hers, branding her. Her heart fluttered and all thought fled. His lips on her neck seared her soul. She didn't deny the chemistry between them. That had never been the problem.
Stefan Ellery (Sci Fi/Fantasy)
Paul stood opened mouth and arms wrapped around his body at the
request Silf just asked of him.  “Why do I have to do that?”
She looked exasperated “Your going to have to take your cloths off
it’s the only way to see.”

Linna Drehmel (Scifi Fantasy)
Truth Be Told, Part One
The dragon was as tall as a Clydesdale, with the shear mass of a small elephant. He had beautiful shimmering emerald green scales. His large wings were a thin membrane that attached along an arm like appendage ended with almost hand like talons. He had large gold eyes that looked sad and a little wild.

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