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Welcome to Tuesday Tales. Thanks for stopping by. Our writers are writing short stories to the word prompt "red" today. Please click on the writer's name to get to their story.
"If I Loved You"
“You signed Chaz Duncan?”
Megan nodded.
“Wow! That’s amazing! You’re awesome, Megan. How’d you do it?” 
CATHY GREENFEDER (YA Paranormal romance)
"Kiss Out of Time"
She peered up from her sketch at Grandma Bess’s wide smile.
“Georgina, we’ve got company!” Then she moved back and a tall, redheaded young man of about eighteen came forward.
“You have information for me?”  The ease with which the man had caught his attention bothered Vidal.  Had this man done the same when the French soldiers arrived?”
MORGEN BAILEY (Historical Fiction)
"Sentimental Keepsake"
It was the little girl in the red jacket that Eileen remembered the most from Schindler’s List. She’d imagined it was her mother, she’d have been about the right age. 
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Suspense)
With a painful groan Jessica leaned backward to stretch the kinks out of her back, relieved the project was finished. Two long hard weeks to create a replica in miniature of a bridge she’d seen a month ago in New York’s Central Park.
Nicky walked down to the beach. She had looked forward to seeing Rose so much and the disappointment to not being able to share her news immediately bugged her.
MICHAEL CHARTON (Passionate fiction)
He saw her on the dance floor, whirling to the fast beat in the red dress and red shoes. 
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance) 
Alexandra opened the front door, thinking it was Billy.  “Hello,” Alexandra said looking around. “Is anyone there?”

 Dropping her eyes, she spotted a bouquet of red roses sitting on the white Adirondack chair on the porch. 
Paul followed Silf into the large open mouth of the cave. He wondered what kind of city existed underground.  
SELAH JANEL (Fairy Tale, PG-13) 
She’d already been dragged across the floor of the great hall, garbed in her finest gown and draped with her largest jewels. Derisive faces swarmed around her as she struggled and clawed at the soldiers who struggled to hang onto her thrashing limbs.  
ELIZABETH BLACK (Twisted Fairy Tale)  
Red climbed through the bramble, cutting her legs on thorns. She hated going to her grandmother's house. The old woman smelled of mothballs and served gruel for breakfast. She kept her teeth in a jar next to the sugar. Disgusting. 
KALLYSTEN (Paranormal romance) 
Relief swept through Bradan as soon as he entered Vivien’s house.Without taking one step further, he could see her, standing past a door on the other side of the kitchen. He turned back to the driveway and nodded once at Aedan, whose shoulders dropped for a second before he caught himself. 

DAVEE JONES (Romantic suspense) 

"Maria finally looked down to Sascha.  Even from her distance up the face of the rock, she observed Sascha looked peculiar as well.  “Are you ok?” Maria choked out.  Sascha looked up, her stance wobbling at the movement to look skyward. 

KATHLEEN BALL (Modern Cowboy romance)  

"Summer's Desire" 
Summer’s eyes opened and she began to push him away. Stone let go too slowly to suit her. Her heat cried out to his but all he wanted was sex. Her perfect moment had been ruined. 
LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Sweet Historical romance) 
"A Red Ribbon, Cherries and a Red, Red Rose"
  In her walking suit Katie might be another matron on a shopping expedition.  She might be a young lady out with a beau or gentleman relative.  But no one would know on first glance she was a widow.
LAYLA HUNTER (Paranormal)
“Hey, isn’t that the chick on the posters? The one that’s been missing for a coupla months? Had a weird name…Amaranth or something like that.”


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Welcome! We are so glad to have you here. Each author was allowed to choose a city to write about today. Please click on the author's name to go to their to read their story. Thank you for coming.

One minute he was running on the bridle path in Central Park, the next he was flying through the air! Penn Robinson landed flat on his back, the wind knocked out of him for a second.
SHERRY GLOAG (Regency romance)
Why hadn’t he insisted Honor join the other women when Wellington sent them and the baggage far to the rear of the lines? Marmont was already moving his men in an attempt to outflank them.   
CATHERINE GREENFEDER (Young Adult Paranormal Romance)
"Kiss Out of Time"
Experience taught Georgina that spirits often manifested at times connected to special occasions, rituals, or
re-enactments connected to their death. So, why haunt a portrait? She had to find out. Summer in Ocean Grove, New Jersey suddenly became interesting!
I’m sitting outside, watching the Catalina Mountains, covered in snow. The snow looks real pretty, up on the mountains.
The incessant ringing of the phone, mixed with the irritating buzz of the alarm clock crept into her still wanting to sleep brain.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m awake,” Jessica mumbled into the phone. 
Leo’s hands clenched over the steering wheel and he scowled at nothing in particular as he passed yet another car. He was going too fast, but he really couldn’t have cared less.
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
The traffic was horrendous coming down two lane Richmond Hill Road, other wise known as Snake Hill to native Staten Islanders.  Billy drove along the curves a little faster than he should have, causing his care to sway from side to side.  
“Ooh who is that?” Sherra moistened her lips and climbed the wooden fence, whistling at the hot man on a horse. “Ooh come ride me baby!”
 Jenny slapped her on the arm. “Damn girl, get a hold of yourself, will ya? That’s Bryant Thomas’ man, Darrien. He don’t have no interest in boobs at this point, sugah!” 
IRIS BLOBEL  (Sweet Romance)
Jarrod leaned against the kitchen bench. Nicky could feel his stare on her and became uncomfortable.
“Jarrod is Daniel’s cousin,” Rose explained.
Nicky stared. “Cousin?”
 "City Memories"
     Life at Pythian House followed a routine as regimented as Katie imagined they kept on any military post.  The rigid schedule left scant time for personal pursuits but between her stubborn nature and interest in the Latin master, Mr. Brown, she managed to find space to slip away.  
DAVEE JONES (Suspense with romantic elements)
"Blue Ink - The Skin Stalker 
“...I don’t know anything and cannot offer help with this one.  Back off buddy, do yourself a favor.” Colin shifted into survivor mode and treated it like a business deal.  This frame of mind was Colin’s comfort zone and he operated tactically well from this standpoint."
KATHLEEN BALL (Modern Cowboy Romance)
"Summer's Desire"
“What do you mean you’re not going?” Stone gave her a hard look.
“You and Rachael will have a good time without me. Besides I don’t know anyone.”
DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic Romance)
“What do you mean you’re not going?” Stone gave her a hard look.
“You and Rachael will have a good time without me. Besides I don’t know anyone.”"Crippled Playthings"
Silf walked around the ship inspecting the outer shell. Judging by her stern expression Paul knew something was wrong.
S.H. RODDEY (Steampunk Horror)
"Crippled Playthings"
From the air, New Orleans glowed.  A city of magic, mystery and intrigue, Henry couldn’t help himself as he leaned against the rail and marveled at the sparkling blanket of gas lights and coal lamps beneath him. 
MORGEN BAILEY (General Fiction)
"A Lot to Learn"
There was something about being a city vet that always appealed to Mark, something about the delight on the children’s faces when they saw a live animal, bigger than the stick insects, gerbils or cats they lived with. Nothing, however, had prepared him for Brady ‘What’s that?’ Smith.
CAROLYN GIBBS (Romantic Suspense)
Claire didn’t know how she got into this pickle. One minute she was leaving the book fair with Nancy and Sam, and the next they agreed to have dinner with a maybe-murder and his maybe-naive wife. 
"How many entrances?"  
"Front and back doors. French doors open into the sitting room, where Matthew sleeps.



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This week everyone is writing a 300 word story to this picture below. Please click on the author's name to go to their blog and read there story. Thank you for stopping by. Please return to read everyone's stories and leave comments. We love to hear from you.

Grey couldn’t stop smiling when the limo driver opened the door. He jumped out and offered his hand to Carrie.
“What’s this?” She asked, swinging her legs out of the long vehicle.
From a distance, Justin Marshall watched the paparazzi swarm the poor man in the suit and sunglasses as he made his way from the private jet to the open limousine door.  He never expected to have a body double
Chloe Johnson was a high flying executive for a cosmetics company going to a meeting in Las Vegas.    She got off the corporate jet dressed to kill. 
Eva, stood in the planes bathroom readying herself. It would not do to look unkempt. She had a an appearance to keep
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Mystery)
As her limo pulled up to his private jet, Jessica glanced over to the Justin. “I thought that Ashleigh would be returning with you?”

Beginning: Winning a luxury weekend for two to Paris, all expenses paid, should have been the thrill of a lifetime for Nicky until she realised she’d have to choose someone to go with her.
"Rendevous at Ghost Lake"
 So, the trip upstate which normally took endless hours in the family's SUV, three rest stops along the New York State Thruway, and a few lookout points including one of the Hudson Valley areas took less time with the private jet chartered by Mom's law firm, part of her promotion perk, and the limousine she hired to take the four of our family members to our little hideaway -- that's what my father called it. 
"Leaving on a Jet Plane"
One foot tapped the carpeting of his office with its view of the LA skyline as he stared outside, phone attached to his left ear.  Behind him, the intercom buzzed with the ominous sound of a rattlesnake about to strike.  In his pocket, his Blackberry chimed as new messages arrived and his email inbox overflowed. 
KATHLEEN TIGHE BALL (Modern Cowboy romance)
She sat in the Limo waiting. They told her that her husband was coming home. It seemed so surreal that she felt numb.  
KAREN CINO (Romance)

Nikki waited in the limousine for Drake. She couldn’t believe she was sitting in a black stretch limousine, a far cry from her old Toyota Corona, which just about ran. 


Sabrina looked at the sky and its golden hues intertwining with what was left of the clear day. The sun was touching the earth at its horizon, so beautiful. In the distance the black limo pulled up to the recently landed private jet.

CAROLYN GIBBS (Romantic Suspense)

“Can I meet her?” Lacy was excited and wanted to meet Nancy Wells.

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Tuesday Tales - Stories by 13 Writers Written to the Prompt "Tree"

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Please click on the name of the author to go to their blog and read their story.
"If You Loved Me"
The breeze picked up making Megan wrap her arms around her torso. Chaz took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders.  
DAWNE PROCHILO (Historical Western Romance)
“Come on, darlin'. Let's get you inside.” Cody words penetrated her sleep. 
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual mystery)
The sound of the hotel room door closing brought a coquettish smile to her lips and a glance over her bare shoulder to the tangled sheets on the bed. A small pile of torn wrappers littered the floor and bed brought back interesting and forgettable thoughts.
The trees of the Tug River on the West Virginia Kentucky border stand as silent witnesses. 
KAREN CINO (Contemporary romance)

Alexandra waited patiently for Billy to return.  She wasn’t a fool.  Something was going on that Billy was keeping from her. The minute he closed the front door, she was down the stairs looking for clues. 
Falling silent, Zeke hoped that his sister would let it drop, but he should’ve known better.
“Fine, don’t admit it.” Charlotte scowled at him. 
Hundreds of pattering sounds on the ship alerted Silf and Paul to the tiny creatures moving around on the hull. Silf pressed a button a blue arc of light surrounded the vessel for a brief moment.
"Hold On"
No-one’s told him how he should be feeling but it’s nice… a kind of tingling. He stares at his new neighbour. He wants to curl his mouth, if he had one, like he’s seen those pink stick things do.
By November, autumn departed but winter remained elusive.  A spell of Indian summer set in just after the last of the apples were harvested from the orchards.  
SELAH JANEL (Urban fantasy)
The folks had kept a patch of land reserved for pine trees since I could remember Christmas. It wasn’t officially the holiday season until we were harvesting some to donate to different community functions and selling the rest. 
KATHLEEN BALL (Modern cowboy romance)
"Summer's Desire"
It hurt to know that Summer would rather live on her own. That’s what he promised her and he’d go through with his vow.
CATHY GREENFEDER (Contemporary romance)
 Several generations of the Murphy family had used the cottage as summer vacation homes and holiday getaways. The lakeside cottage stood amid the backdrop of trees and ferns.
Odd how fate brought Kate back.
CAROLYN GIBBS (Romantic suspense)
Claire found her spot at the Book Fair and neatly displayed the copies of her latest novel. She took out a few trinkets to give away to readers, pens, bookmarks and disk copies sampling some of her earlier works. 
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