Monday, March 26, 2018

Tuesday Tales - strong

Welcome to Tuesday Tales, where a small group of authors share snippets of their works in progress. Each week, we incorporate a word or picture prompt into a current writing project. This week the prompt is ‘strong.’ Click on each authors name to check out their storytelling. We hope you enjoy our tales!

TRISHA FAYE Historical Fiction
“Can’t you ever stop thinking about scullery work?”

TRICIA ANDERSON Paranormal/Greek god romance
He hated his mom with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

JEAN JOACHIM Second Chance Romance
He couldn’t move in with her without at least the promise of marriage, could he?

“Has anyone returned a runaway horse?”

High clouds stirred and brewed against darkening blue skies.

SUSANNE MATTHEWS Historical Romance
“Is that his foot?” she asked, filled with awe.

FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS Paranormal Fantasy Romance
“Bunch of boorish, craven cutthroats.”

Monday, March 19, 2018

Tuesday Tales - Pale

Welcome to Tuesday Tales! Our word prompt is "pale." Click on the author's name to go to their blog. Thank you for visiting us.

V.L. Locey (MM Hockey Romance)
Walking side-by-side we played things off as casual until we rounded the corner. 

Tricia Andersen (Paranormal/Greek God Romance)
Her eyes narrowed to thin slits. “You act like you are in love with this...thing.”

Davee Jones (Romance)
“What you’re saying goes beyond the pale.

Susanne Matthews (Historical Romance)
“And when are you going to settle down?” Izzy asked. 

Jillian Chantal (Regency Romance)
“I’ve been praying all afternoon that he’s not dead.”

Trisha Faye (Historical Fiction)
“They stopped you? But you’re here? You’re not in jail?”

Jean Joachim (Romance)
Thrusting his hand in his pocket, Mike Sullivan made sure the little box from the jewelers was there.

Flossie Benton Rogers (Paranormal Fantasy Romance)

“Don’t you ever get weary of playing spear carrier?”

Monday, March 12, 2018

Tuesday Tales: March 13, 2018 Picture Prompt Time

Welcome back to this week's Tuesday Tales, the closed blog where a small group of authors share their works in progress with you. Each week, we incorporate an image or a word prompt into our posts. Since this week is picture prompt time, the posts are limited to 300 words. Enjoy!

Here are the images we had to choose from this week:

Which one would you use to write a story? Check out what our group members selected. 

V.L LOCEY (MM Hockey Romance)
I studied our hands, the way our fingers were so similar. 

TRISHA FAYE (Historical Fiction)
“Arkansas, you say? You hail from those parts?” Frank seemed intrigued.

TRICIA ANDERSEN (Paranormal/Greek God Romance)
After he was free of her grasp he binged on alcohol and whores. Or he started a massive war. It depended on his mood.

The sun moved deeper into the horizon. 

JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
It took her five effing years to decide that Mike what’s-his-name was the love of her life

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Historical Romance/Suspense)
For the first time in her life, she’d actually worked the soil herself, and while it had been hard to do, the satisfaction it brought was incredible.

I love the way light offers different perspectives.

FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS (Paranormal Fantasy Romance)

“At the moment I don’t feel like stinging you.”

Have a great week!

Monday, March 5, 2018


Welcome to Tuesday Tales! Our word prompt is "pocket." Click on the author's name to go to her blog. Thank you for visiting us.

V.L. LOCEY (MM Hockey Romance)
The lonely naked bulb by the stairs threw Shaun into all kinds of shadow.

TRISHA FAYE (Historical Fiction)
“Oh, Lue. Don’t be such a prude. He simply had his arm around me.”

FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS (Paranormal Fantasy Romance)
He leaned over, clamped his hands on his knees, and sucked in oxygen.

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Women's Fiction/Romance)
Convertibles are great cars, but they don't offer a lot of protection.

TRICIA ANDERSEN (Paranormal/Greek God Romance)
Juliet bit back a growl. “Like father, like son.”

JEAN JOACHIM (Women's Fiction)
His libido spiked as he opened the door and harnessed Queenie.