Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tuesday's Tales- May 31, 2016- Picture Prompt

This week is picture prompt week. We had a choice of several outdoor scenes to pick for our stories. And we have the picture prompt word restriction -- only 300 words! Click on the links below and visit each blog to see what picture was chosen and learn why when you read their story.

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Vicki Locey: LGBTQ Zombie Romantic Comedy 
"Your poetic meter is sadly lacking."

Jillian Chantal:  Contemporary 

Her training kicked in harder.

Jean JoachimGenre - sports romance 

He’d made plenty of mistakes in his life, but marrying Lauren wasn’t one of them.

Trisha Faye: Contemporary Romance: 
“I said ‘Saint Luke’. You make him out to be a flawless paragon.”

Flossie Benton Rogers:Paranormal Fantasy Romance 
The pre-dawn air hummed with energy.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Tuesday Tales - Purple

Welcome to Tuesday Tales.
Our word prompt is "purple" this week.
Click on the writer's name to go to their blog.
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Joselyn Vaughn (Romantic Comedy)
Big men needed to eat fast, she guessed.

V.L. Locey (LGBTQ Hockey Romance)
I had barely stepped foot inside the Rader Arena when the new special teams coach strolled out of the dressing room carrying a can of Coke.

Jillian Chantal (Contemporary)
It was almost heaven to a Florida girl like her.

Karen Cino (Contemporary Romance)
He chuckled. “In all honesty, I was trying to butter you up."

Jean Joachim (Sports Romance)
“You know what they said, Ma?” Carla repeated the story her siblings told. Then she laughed.

Trisha Faye (Contemporary Romance)
“He needs to be intelligent too…not a woohoo looney tune.”

Davee Jones (Contemporary Romance)
You deserve purple, it's the color of champions and royalty."

Sarah Cass (Historical Western Romance)
“They ain’t yours.” “They aren’t yours yet, either.” 

Flossie Benton Rogers (Vintage Romance)
Jerking her apron strings tight and knotting them, Laura gritted her teeth at the audacity of the man.

Tricia Andersen (Steampunk Romance)
“I hope so. The love of my life left me this but it does not work.”

Monday, May 16, 2016

Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt 'Save'

Welcome to Tuesday Tales.
Our word prompt is "save" this week.
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Contemporary Romance
“Madame Summers, I have an international call for you,” the operator said.

Contemporary Romance
“And I pay my debts in ale.”

Contemporary Romance
He was awesome in the bedroom part…it was just the getting and holding a job part that didn’t agree with him.

LGBTQ Hockey Romance
Sweet Mary Madonna, she had a kid.

Contemporary Romance
Jill stood at the window, with her arms folded against her chest looking out the window

Paranormal Romance
Her breath came in painful gasps.

Romantic Comedy
If it’s acting strangely, stay away, they can carry rabies.

Steampunk Romance
He memorized the feel of her flesh. He would never get to touch it again.

Monday, May 9, 2016


Welcome! Thanks for coming. Click on the writer's name to go to their blog. Don't forget to read them all:

JEAN JOACHIM (Sports Romance)
“Al Mahoney here, are you two from the Herald?”

V.L.LOCEY (LGBTQ Hockey Romance)
She smiled warmly and reached out to pat my cheek. "You do know me well, Seamus."

TRISHA FAYE (Contemporary Romance)
“Corecia, if you met a man that had all of these qualities…but he was short, would that be a deal breaker?

JOSELYN VAUGHN (Romantic Comedy)
Chairs were flipped on their sides and an end table teetered precariously on two and a half legs.

DAVEE JONES (Contemporary Romance) 
"I’m awesome, Mrs. Blanton.” He pulled her into a bear hug. 

JILLIAN CHANTEL (Contemporary)
Tying her hair up in a loose bun, she padded into the kitchen to
make coffee.

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Contemporary Romance)
Her eyes brimmed with tears again, but he wouldn’t let her off the hook that easily.

KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
After Jill and Robbie finished dinner, Robbie ordered them cappuccino and an assortment of Italian pastries.

TRICIA ANDERSEN (Steampunk Romance)
That is why you have to do this. If the capture you, if they execute you, it will destroy me.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

This week is our picture prompt week and the Tuesday Tales authors had a choice from several food images.
We have a picture prompt word restriction -- only 300 words, max. Go to each blog to see the door picture they selected and find out why when you read their story.

Thank you for coming!

V.L. Locey (LGBTQ Hockey Romance)
A trembling smile played on her full lips. "You might change your mind when I tell you this."

Flossie Benton Rogers (Vintage Romance)

Late afternoon shadows angled against the walls like man-eating plants.

Jean Joachim (Football Romance)

Carla pulled the hot pasta dish from the oven. She stuck her head outside and hollered.

Karen Cino (Contemporary Romance)
On the way to Jill’s hotel, Robbie asked if she would like to get a bit to eat since the food on the plane was disgusting. 

Joselyn Vaughn (Romantic Comedy)
Where had Harris found rubber gloves?

Susanne Matthews (Contemporary Romance)
"... I know why I’m alone, why the hell are you?”

Trisha Faye (Contemporary Romance)