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 JEAN JOACHIM (Military Romance) 
"Love, Lost & Found"
She took the last bite of her food and smiled. It was delicious as the soft evening delicious as the dark blue night sky and as delicious as the handsome man smiling across the table at her.
DAWNE PROCHILO (Contemporary Romance, PG-13)
Chad wondered out onto his parent's deck, staring up at the star-filled sky. The peaceful night made him smile. In the distance he could hear crickets chirping, a dog barking a few blocks over and a car's engine motoring down a lonely street.

DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic Romance - "R")
Clinging to the warm strength of Kaleb’s body, Paisley knew she shouldn’t give – to play the fool once again but she’d been so lonely for so long.  Ostracized by friends and colleagues alike, you’d have thought that she was still in the nineteen-fifties instead of 2012.

Paul spent hours in the simulator, it allowed him to pass the days and nights with ease. He loved space, but the one thing he should've thought about was how space was was full of darkness with points of light that from distance stars creating any contrast.

IRIS BLOBEL (Contemporary)
“Tell me another story about mum.” Mia’s hand on her shoulder startled her and she turned.

KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Day turned into night as Billy and Alexandra spent most of the afternoon unpacking, washing and putting the ceramic plates, silverware and coffee mugs in its place.  Alexandra was pleased in how everything looked.

RAWIYA (M/M Romance)
Bright stars filled the night sky, the subtle waves of the ocean moved slowly. The gentle breezes caused the palm trees overhead to sway back and forth much like the dancers at the luau, all in perfect unison

"Dark of Night"
   Each tick of the clock jarred Tina’s nerves through the long nights.  She waited for the telephone to jangle or for the front door to open so Nick could walk through it. 

MORGEN BAILEY (General Fiction)
"Date Night"
Date night has become a weekly tradition you look forward to. Thursdays. When others go out with the lads… the girls… it’s just you and Evelyn. Your French Fancy. You think it’s corny but she finds it funny – even after all these years.

LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensuous Mystery)
Ice Queen was glad the day hadn’t been a total waste, which was a relief considering how it had begun. Both the Frenchman and Italian had deposited the down payment, non-refundable, in the numbered Cayman account as instructed.

"Source - Part Four"
“Symon,” TynLexa said as she walked up behind him putting her arms around his shoulders. “I’m sorry please come back. We need your help.”

CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet Contemporary Romance)
"Ellie! Ellie!"
She heard someone calling her name but couldn't identify the voice. 

KATHLEEN TIGHE BALL (Modern Cowboy Romance)
"Summer's Desire"
Clare swept everything off the mantle, leaving a trail of boughs and ribbon behind her.She reached into one of her bags from her shopping spree and pulled out prelit garland.

It had been a month since Katriana had met Sabrina the Nephilim. She spent each night with Sabrina, learning of a world that had existed within hers. Yet, she remained human till she requested Sabrina to change her....

(Sweet Contemporary Romance)
The starlit sky drew Julian’s attention.
Destiny?  Did it exist?  Even as a child, Deborah caught his attention.  
KAY SPRINGSTEEN  (Contemporary Romance)
“No! Absolutely not!” She popped open the dishwasher in progress. The rush of steam made her eyes water. It wasn’t tears. It just couldn’t be more tears.
"Picture Perfect"
The sun hung low in the sky – low enough that it could no longer be seen above the tree line along the edge of the ranch.   Anna’s rear end ached, but not in an unpleasant way. 

S.H. RODDEY (Steampunk Horror)
"Crippled Playthings"
Henry watched the dim haze of the hamlets slide past, each one acknowledged only by flickering streetlamps as the world slept below the dirigible.  The girl still refused to speak to him, but he could only assume she was on this journey for the same reason at him: to walk.

LENA HART (Romantic Suspense)

Amber stared back at the midnight dark eyes that bore into her as she reached for the phone. She should have been used to the detective’s piercing gaze by now but tonight it was different. More predatory.

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Thank you for stopping by! This week our writers are creating stories to the word prompt "sky". Click on the name of the writer to view the story.

JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary romance)
“You’re going to be the financial advisor to Duncan Charles…Duncan Charles the movie star?” Penny put her crochet project down and raised her eyebrows.

DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic romance - PG-13)
Continuing to kneel, Kaleb held his breath while savoring the feel of the warm swollen mound against his cheek. Above him, he could feel the weight of her stare on him.

RAWIYAS (Contemporary romance, M/M)
A commercial plane flew in the blue sky overhead and all I could think about was how many flights I’d canceled to stay in paradise with my new lover. Time and time again, I called the reservations agents, moving it for a week, then another, and another until finally I didn’t feel as if I needed to do it anymore.

KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Over the course of the next few weeks, Billy an Alexandria continued to work on the interior of the café.  The day the UPS driver brought in over two dozen boxes containing the dishes, glasses and different shaped coffee cups, reality set in that the café would be up and running soon.

(Sensual Mystery)
She threw back the curtains to let the sun in. It wasn’t until she saw a few stares come her way did it dawn on her the satin babydoll outfit barely covered her.

MORGEN BAILEY (General Fiction)
"The Consolation Prize"
As you lie on your back, looking up at the cloudless sky, you wish that life could always be this easy.The answer isn’t 42, as Douglas Adams would have had you believe… unless you could work out what the question really was.

 In the capital city of Pristina, everything seemed  modern, somehow strange after spending so long in the rugged mountains in a rudimentary camp.  Tina preferred not to remember the difficult journey made in slow stages to reach Pristina and the sole international airport in Kosovo. 

(Sci Fi)
"Source - Part Three"
“I am sorry Symon please don’t leave like that. You know I love the HEART, and I will do my best to serve her.” TynLexa apologized

CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet Contemporary Romance)
"Love Spells - Chapter Four" 
"Not what you were expecting, is it?" Stefan asked. Amusement danced in his sky-blue eyes.


Katriana kneeled and prayed silently at St. James Cathedral for this was her daily ritual for the past five years. Praying for the pain to leave her. Praying for a way to forget. Praying.

KATHLEEN TIGHE BALL (Contemporary Cowboy Romance)
"Summer's Desire"

Rachael silently walked out of the kitchen. Summer headed toward Clare only to have Stone catch her around the waist, restraining her. "She deserves it.

 SHERRY GLOAG (Sweet Historical Romance)
“Are all your locks so well oiled?”
“No of course not, why should they be?”

S.H. RODDEY (Steampunk Horror, PG)
"Crippled Playthings"
Assisted living is bullshit, Georgia thought as she stared out the window.  Two weeks now, day in and day out, nothing but the same monotony.  

SIOBHAN KINCADE (Contemporary Cowboy Romance)
“Wesley,” she called out, raising her arm to him when he turned at the sound of his name.  One corner of his mouth curled up into a half-smile, still heart-stopping, and he pushed his sunglasses up to the top of his head.


The girl sat on the edge of the building, thirty stories above the ground. A cool breeze rustled her hair. She smiled, feet dangling off the side.

Cassie had tried to ignore the feeling for weeks, but being cooped up in the house was killing her. Truth be told she had enough to deal with.

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Thanks for stopping by. The prompt for this week's stories is "legs" (or "leg"). Click on the author's name to go to their blog and read their story. 

JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary romance)
“I always said, he’s got the looks, the charm and she’s got the brains.” Mary Davis’ voice carried beyond the master bedroom.
“Shhh, she’ll hear you.” Her father shut the door.

Watching as a woman was helped out of the neighboring chair by her husband, Paisley sighed with longing.  More than anything she wished she had a strong hand to cling too, to have her lover listen in awe at the sound of their child’s heartbeat.
CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet Historical Romance) 
"The Wrong Woman"
Will could not remember ever hearing a sigh quite like the one Abigail emitted. Long, weary, tremulous, and somehow filled with a range of emotion that made him want to pull the confusing woman into his arms and promise her the sun, the moon, the stars, or whatever else it would take to make her stop hurting.

LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensuous Mystery)
With one eye on Ashleigh, the other on her gentleman guests the Ice Queen settled onto the glove soft leather chair. Secluded in soft dark shadows, with a subtle wave of her hand, she positioned the men so to block the, soon to be dead, woman’s view of her.

SHARITA LIRA  (M/M/ Contemporary Romance) 
I stared at my man, turned over on his stomach, and sleeping soundly. Not a single item of clothing on that taut body. In reality to make him wear them would be a crime!

STEFAN ELLERY (Sci fi/Fantasy)
Paul wandered through the ship. he had a need to be alone with his thoughts.
It was the legs that the old man saw first. He couldn’t be sure, thinking them part of a tree, but then his dog started barking.

LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Contemporary Romance)
"Eight Legs of Fate"
On first glance she thought it must be a scrap of leaf, carried in on one of Nick’s boots and when she looked again Tina decided it might be a water stain on the tent.  When it moved with speed in her direction she identified it as a spider, a big one and screamed. 

"Mistress of the Pendragon"
 It seemed too easy, her surrender. When she extended her hand to him, he lifted her up and easily put her upon the horse. He wrapped the blanket about her shoulders and legs to keep the chill out. 

He cleared his throat. “So what are the suitcases all about?”
He saw her image in the reflection in the mirror.
"Source, Part Two"  
"Ambassador Symon,” Called Nathan as he approached them.He had once been, Second Councilor Nathan before Ambassador Tatiana died. 

"Summer's Desire - Chapter 31"
A sleepless night. Summer crawled out of bed wishing she were anywhere but at the ranch. It flummoxed her that Clare showed up on Stone's front door.

Sabrina followed Katriana for a couple of weeks. Masked with the talent of invisibility there was no way for Katriana to suspect Sabrina was watching her every step. Being studied so closely, Sabrina even slept next to Katriana at night.

SHERRY GLOAG (Contemporary Romance)
He raced for the house, dove through the aperture and rolled beneath the solid pine table in the centre of the room.

LENA HART (Romantic Suspense)
Marc sat in the only chair in the small motel room. Amber, now fully clad in jeans and a simple top, sat on the bed with her leg tucked underneath her.

KAY SPRINGSTEEN (Contemporary Romance)
At the corner of the house, Garrett stepped into the cover of a large evergreen bush. As far as he could tell, no one had moved through the snow in the front or side yards.

(Paranormal -Rated "R")

The first things Russell saw when he looked up from his routine were her legs; long, shapely pillars of pale, soft skin that almost distracted him from his anger. Almost.

S. H. RODDEY (Steampunk/Horror)
You want to walk again? I can make you walk.
The words echoed in Trina's head long after the mysterious man behind the curtain left the room.

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WELCOME! Thank you for stopping by. It's time for Tuesday Tales again. This week's word prompt is "life". Click on the author's name to visit their blog and read their story.
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance) 
“Hey, Jim. Long time, no see,” Don said, drying glasses behind the bar.
“Hi, Don. This is Sarah Morgan, Sarah, Don Rosen.”

DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic Romance - PG-13, language)
Hefting his duffel over his shoulder, Kaleb slowly followed the person in front of him down the ramp.  It had been a long flight home – nearly twenty hours in the air but more than that with his layovers.

IRIS BLOBEL (Sweet Romance)
“Clara Catherine Bellinger.”
“Who is she?” Mia asked her sister.

CATHY GREENFEDER (Time Travel Romance)
"Mistress of Pendragon"
"Good heavens, you killed them."
"Aye, tis for sure, and a good thing I did else they'd 'ave taken the life o' you." With one swift move he got before her on the horse.

DAWNE PROCHILO (Contemporary/YA)

"A pact.”
“I know what a pact is, Ethan. An agreement. But what does that have to do with us?”
“This...” Ethan took Brynn's hand in his. The pad of his thumb stroked her tender skin. “Let's say in ten years we're both married to other people and not happy. We find each other and... make each other happy.”

Anger and frustration ripped up from nowhere, she wanted to lash out, to hurt someone in retaliation for the injuries sustained by her husband. “Now if you are staying here, make yourself useful and sit with Julian, while Nurse and I get some air.

 "Love Spells - Chapter 3)
Startled by the voice, she turned and looked about. Miranda had not spoken. The words came from inside Ellie's head, or maybe from somewhere deep inside her heart. 


I am dealing with the two women interested in me, so I went to the wisest person I know, my Dad.
We were sitting in his study.
With the dinner table cleared and a brandy snifter in hand she settle back in the overstuffed leather chair. She watched her two guests, neither having come close to enjoying a private drink later, in the intimate privacy of her suite.

Silf leaned back in her chair and stared at up at the ceiling.
“My life was much different back then, I had been brought up with a whole set of ideals, that didn’t mesh with my present reality.
"The Eternal Triumph of Life"
The first time it happened Tina said nothing, figured it was nothing more than a momentary indisposition.  When she became sick again, she decided it came from the stress of living in a tenuous balance between peace and war. 

MORGEN BAILEY (General Fiction)
"The Milkman's"
Staring at the picture you wonder how Jeff had never queried the resemblance. He'd joked about Simon being the milkman's but you knew he was never serious.

“I wanna spend my life with you Peter. You’re my best friend and my lover.”

KAY SPRINGTEEN (Contemporary Romance)

The antiseptic smell of the hospital made Anna slightly sick to her stomach. The click-clack of her hard-soled heels on the surface of the glossy tile floor broke the tomb-like hush of the hallway leading to the intensive care unit.

Mary-Louise Pentington walked the perimeter of her living room, stopping occasionally to gaze through the bank of windows facing the back of her vast property.

My eyes snapped open. How had we gotten to the front of the church so fast? It felt as if time was against me, and was eager to unite me with my intended husband.


It was all by accident their meeting. Henry had been dealing with a potential client and listening to his music. So Sabrina decided to take a stroll through Old Town, Latvia.

Stone couldn't stand the look of conceit on his ex-wife's face. Did she really think she could waltz in and stay?

“How can he not be happy, baby? Look at yourself. You’re by far, the most beautiful person on earth.” 

J.F. JENKINS (Fantasy)
 My life began when she kissed me. One minute I'm standing in front of a door that's telling me to “wake up”, the next moment I see a golden haired beauty with her eyes closed and her lips pursed, hovering over me.

"You’re late,” Mayor Johnson grunted without ever looking up from whatever mumbo-jumbo doctrine she was drafting on her laptop. She was the only person that always knew when The Rose Demon was lurking about. 

"Machines of Darkness, Part Five"

Waade was in a half crouch, feet apart, bare hands in front of him, palms outward. His adversary stood in a similar stance, but with knife in hand. Sweat dripping off both men as they slowly circled each other watching and waiting for an opening.

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