Monday, January 30, 2012


   Welcome! thanks for stopping by. Today our writers have stories written to the prompt "save". Click on the writer's name to go to their blog and read their story. We hope you enjoy our work. Please leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you.
"The Dating List"
“Save some for me, first…I have some good news.”
“Do tell,” Carrie said as she put the top down on the coffeemaker and turned to face her.
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensuous Mystery)
With a menacing gleam in her eyes she brushed the flat tanto blade against the bulge in his pants. She watched as his eyes take on a panic stricken look before she withdrew the instrument of torture.
Sacha Mathieu Gasquet swore beneath his breath, hoping the carefully chosen music in the background covered his irritated expletive. Overhead lights strategically placed spotlighted many of the different groups playing a social tango as one or more joined and left groups to drift on to another. 
Sabrina woke up bright and early to hear the pigeons cooing just outside her bedroom window. Wiping the sleep from her eyes and stretching to fully awaken her body. She sighed and looked around her bedroom.
CATHY GREENFEDER (YA Paranormal Romance)She remembered how her grandmother’s friend Elisa warned her of that. “Don’t feel bad if you try and don’t succeed,” she once said. “You can’t save everyone.”
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Billy turned off the oven and plopped into his brown overstuffed chair across from the television.  He rested his black designer sneakers along the side of his oak cocktail table.  Today he made the biggest decision of his life.  Thank God, Alexandra gave him a chance to explain.
MORGEN BAILEY (General Fiction)
"Two Backwards/One Forwards"
John had never saved a life before. He wasn’t even sure this really qualified – the paramedics had taken over pretty quickly but he’d been the one who’d dragged the woman from the pool, lain her down and put her in the recovery position, something he’d not done since scouts, and Billy Wingate hadn’t counted as someone in any danger.
E. a. IRWIN (Drama/Slice-of-Life Fiction)Gregory walked through life not understanding what it meant to be alive. At one time he’d known, now, he wasn’t sure. His life had turned into a momentum of shifting grays with an occasional sepia tone added if something happened to alter his existence.
Machines of Darkness, Part 3
Wayde left the apartment in a rush, trying to shake the dream that in reality was a not so distant memory. One of many that had been plaguing him of late.

"Wishing on a Star"
Tonya shivered and pulled her jacket close around her. She must be out of her mind to be at the park on a cold, January night, bundled up against the frigid air. She rubbed her hands together, thankful for her thick, red mittens. At least, she wasn't alone like she usually was on Friday night.
SHERRI HAYES (BDSM, Romance, Suspense)
Drew’s alarm woke him at six AM; way too early considering he’d not gotten in until almost two. He’d originally planned on leaving the club at eleven last night since he knew he had to work today, but after laying eyes on Lady Beth sleep was less of a priority.
As the sun rose on a new day, a soft beam of light filters its way through the window, softly land on Samantha’s face, warming her skin. She slowly opens her eyes while stretching out the remaining sleepiness.
CAROLYN GIBBS (Contemporary Romance)
 “That’s the point, Andrea, we need to save money. Doing the gardening ourselves is a good way to do that.” 
LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Romance, heat level 3)
"Saving Souls"
Two days in the rebel encampment, a tent city scattered across a rocky mountaintop, convinced Tina she’d lived pampered until now.  Crude conditions meant cooking over open fires and hauling water from a spring not too distant.  No latrines of any kind existed and to do any personal business, she retreated into the forest.
STEFAN ELLERY (Sci Fi/Fantasy)Paul's eyes grew big as they left the docks and entered a market,  He remembered seeing markets on TV,   His favorite programs Bizarre foods, had shown markets from all of the world.  One of the more interesting ones was in Thailand.

KHARISMA RHAYNE (Contemporary Military - Heat 4)
He rolled her onto her back and got on top of her.
"It's time." He said.
She turned her head away from him but didn't push him away.
Gently grabbing her face, he turned her to look at him. "I want to make love to you."
KATHLEEN TIGHE BALL (Contemporary Cowboy Romance)

"Summer's Desire 25"Summer gazed into the mirror, horrified by her red puffy eyes. Another sleepless night spent. Somehow, she needed to save Christmas for Rachael. Her heart wouldn't be in it but she refused to disappoint that little girl.
KAY SPRINGSTEEN (Contemporary Romance)
“Barbecue?” James stared in disbelief at the snow-covered road ahead, with snow dropping from the sky at the rate of about an inch per hour. “In the snow?”
MICHAEL CHARTON (Inspirational)
Henri Gilbert was the goalkeeper for a minor league hockey team in the wilds of Quebec.  He was just promoted out of junior hockey and in his first game. 


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