Monday, December 29, 2014

Tuesday Tales - NEW YEAR

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The lad leaped down from his chair and broke into a Lady Gaga dance routine, or so it appeared.

After her last break-up with John on New Years Eve Ethan had accused her of comparing her boyfriends to Connor.

"Will power keeps me out of the bakery. But it still doesn’t do a thing for me between the sheets."
Her cheeks ached as she kept her fake smile in place. “I’m telling you the truth.”

“Those assholes chased her away, didn’t they?” Buddy turned to Gert.

“Sincerely, it's going to take more than a new year to fix my life.”

“Thanks.  For all I know I won’t be there long.  If the Sheriff finds out I’m here I’ll probably be thrown in the slammer for murdering my Dad.”

The stairs leading to the attic were steep and cramped, as if to keep out Nosy Nellys like herself.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Tuesday Tales - 12 Writers Writing to the Prompt "Dance"

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! This week we have 11 writers that have joined in on the word prompt "Dance". Click on the writer's name to go to their blog. Thank you for coming.

SARAH CASS (Contemporary Holiday [F/F])
“I look damn good in a corset, if I do say so myself.”
“You sure as shittin’ do.”

MARY TERRANI (Urban Fantasy)
“I am pleased that you agreed to my assistance. The Spirits say it will aid you on your journey.”

V.L. LOCEY (M/F Multicultural Romance)
I gave him my personal number, hung up, and ran outside.

IRIS BLOBEL (Contemporary Romance)
Connor instinctively touched the scar on his forehead.

TRISHA FAYE (Contemporary Romance)
“The only happy moments of my childhood were spent in that farmhouse down there.”

I held up a plastic reindeer. "This one is Dancer. I wonder if Santa called him Dancer because he could dance."
"In that case, why was that other one called Vixen?" Eric asked.

JEAN JOACHIM (Sports romance)
In the locker room, under a hot shower, Buddy thought back to the first time he and Emmy made love.

MORGAN WYATT (Contemporary Romance)
"What does a person do about blackmail?”

JILLIAN CHANTAL (Contemporary)
Kevin took her hand and entwined his fingers in hers.

TRICIA ANDERSON (Steampunk Romance)
His eyes caught two men mulling about the corner.  He frowned as their cold, piercing eyes watched him walk by.  He shook the paranoia from his mind.  No one knew where Emma was.

DAVEE JONES(Contemporary Romance)
"Will I ever dance at my sister's wedding?"
The man loomed above her on the stairs, his dark eyes questioning. 

Monday, December 8, 2014


Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week our writers are writing to the following picture prompt.  Click on the writer's name to go to their blog. Don't forget to return and read the other great stories, too. Thanks so much for stopping by.

V.L. Locey (Multicultural Romance)
All five women and one wiener dog fell into silence.

Trisha Faye (Contemporary Romance)
Words stammered out. She felt like a fool, unable to utter a coherent sentence.

Jillian Chantal (Contemporary Romance)
Mattie always kept her word.

Jean Joachim (Contemporary Romance)
“I’m stranded, Terry. The furnace isn’t working and I think my car battery died. Motor won’t turn over.”

Tricia Andersen (Steampunk Romance)
“Where’s the bedroom? The warmth of your naked body will keep me warm.”

Davee Jones (Contemporary Adult Romance) A Game of Inches
“Wow, Mom, I can't believe this image is only a puzzle. This looks like somewhere we should move.”

Kay Springsteen (Contemporary)
Gusts of wind sent snow dancing across the ground on miniature snow tornadoes.

Flossie Benton Rogers (Vintage Romance)
Jeffrey would take one look at her thin frame and hightail it straight to The Corner for a cold one.

Morgan K. Wyatt (Contemporary Romance)  Exposed
“Why are you so intent on knowing about blackmail? Are you writing a mystery?”

Monday, December 1, 2014


Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week our writers are writing to the word prompt "raid." Click on the writer's name to go to their blog. Don't forget to return and read the other great stories, too. Thanks so much for stopping by.

JEAN JOACHIM (Sports Romance)
His raid on the refrigerator didn’t turn up much. A bottle of champagne, six pack of beer and some old cheese. 

IRIS BLOBEL (Contemporary Romance)
They sat in silence for a long moment, before Connor said, “Tell me about us.”

TRISHA FAYE (Contemporary Romance)
"Coming home, a truck, driven by a drunken backwoods low life, ran the red light and plowed into their Oldsmobile.”

V. L. LOCEY (Multicultural Romance)
There they were. The five women who had shaped me into the round-bottomed, halushki-loving person I am.

JILLIAN CHANTAL (Contemporary)
Eating too many cookies lately was wreaking havoc with the fit of her clothes.
DAVEE JONES (Contemporary Adult Romance)
“When planning a verbal raid, you better come prepared with enough emotional ammunition.”

MORGAN WYATT (Contemporary Romance)
"The frosty reception I got must have been similar to the ones given to Viking raiding parties."