Monday, January 23, 2012


Welcome and thanks for stopping by. The word prompt for the stories this week is "game". Glad you could make it.
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance - PG-13)
"The Dating List"
“Maybe we need a fire,” Grey said approaching the fireplace in the living room.
 As Colin turned to head upstairs to change his pants as Grey knelt in front of the cold fireplace to lay a fire, the doorbell rang.
“Com’on.” Brad led the group of fellow ten-year-olds across the park towards the trees.  “It’ll be easy.”
He heard the muttering behind him and hefted his mini crossbow from one hand to the other. He patted the knotted tie that held his arrows against his back.  Jeff was carrying a bag of apples,...
 KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)The next morning, Alexandra did something she hadn’t done since she was a teen.  She sat at her kitchen table, with a mug of coffee and her house and cell phone, sitting on the chocolate brown linen napkin, waiting for it to ring.  
CHRISTINA COLE  (Sweet, contemporary romance)
Lily's fingers toyed with the knight. She glanced toward the timer, and a wicked smile spread across her lips.
STEFAN ELLERY (Sci fi/Fantasy)
They quickened their pace to separate the distance from the real Phadorn. The Gromp followed closely and aliens had to hurry to get out of their way.  They stopped in front of a large ugly ship, not smoother or sleek like the one he had left.
LINDSAY DOWNS (Mystery)Off to his right the football field. American football not the European type which he knew from TV as soccer.
DAWNE PROCHILO (Contemporary Romance - Mature "R")
“Shit! I gotta go, Vinnie. I being pulled over.” 
“I'll call you back. I'm being pulled over by a cop.” Rose flung the remote control onto the passenger seat and flipped her phone shut.
“Damn it.”
The smell of seaweed was in the air.  A crisp, inviting smell that Sabrina loved. It was a reminder of her days growing up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. 
KERRY FLOWERS (Suspense) Samantha was just a normal young woman, in a normal town, living what she thought was a normal and somewhat boring life. She was living on her own, having moved out of her parent’s house when she was 20 years old. She worked two jobs and she was going to school to get a degree so she could make something of herself.
LENA HART  (Romantic Suspense)
As soon as the doors closed behind Marc, Amber waited a few seconds then got up from her seat. Though she appreciated what the detective tried to do for her, she couldn't go with him. She had to get to Austen.
E.A.IRWIN (Mystery)
“Hmm … Murphy, let’s see if can we figure this out.” I stroked the long spine of my motley cat. His hair stood on end as he took a swipe at me, then jumped from the sofa in a decidedly cantankerous mood.
CECILIA ROBERT (Paranormal romance)
In his golden eyes, she saw insatiable hunger that had nothing to do with him lusting after her, and everything to do with her being a mid-lunch snack. Deadly didn't even begin to describe him. She fought hard to hide a smile; he probably didn't realize that she was just as deadly.
KAY SPRINGSTEEN (Contemporary romance)
The keys to Matt’s yellow Camaro were lying on the kitchen counter on top of a note offering the use of the car with the provisions that she didn’t drive it down to the boat launch and keep going, and that she try not to get it shot and killed. Anything else was fair game.
CAROLYN GIBBS (Contemporary romance) 
“It’s a good thing I didn’t get rid of the bed in the guest room. I was considering turning it into an office, but now you’ll be sleeping there,” said Andrea
KATHLEEN TIGHE BALL (Modern Cowboy, "R")
"Summer's Desire"
"If I remember correctly you enjoyed it the last time we did it." Stone enjoyed watching her face turn all shades of red as he shuffled the cards. "Strip poker is a great game and if I remember correctly you won and got to see a pretty big prize."
LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Contemporary romance "R")
"All Part of the Patriot Game"

 Stern mountains as rocky and barren as the lunar landscape stretched out before Tina as they traveled a lonely highway through Kosovo.  The strangeness of the place smote her and if she hadn’t had Nick at her side, felt his love around her as tight as a fist, warm as a blanket against a frigid winter night, she might have quailed and run away.  Since arriving on a long flight she’d felt jet lagged and out of place.
Linna Drehmel (Gothic Steampunk)
"This is not a game." Ninna told her younger brother. "It may look like fun but this kind of magic can be dangerous."
He unlocked the car door and walked her to the back entrance of the hotel. “It’s like a game of cat and mouse. You’re the bait to catch me.”

She paused at the entrance door. “Does this mean we shouldn’t see each other?”



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