Monday, April 30, 2012


Thank you for stopping by! This week we let every writer pick the flowers they wanted to write about. Daffodils was an idea but no one was restricted to that. Here are this week's stories. Click on the writer's name to go to their story on their blog.

JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary romance)
Tuesday night, Megan kept Andy, they worked until nine o’clock to get the plan perfect for Chaz the next day. She dragged herself home, exhausted

Glancing at the address Kaleb had scrawled on a slip of paper before leaving yesterday morning, Paisley checked the house number one more time. While she wasn’t totally familiar with this area of New York, the directions he’d given her were easy enough to follow.

LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Contemporary romance)
"White Roses and Red Poppies"
  Tina chose the name Jeton for her son.  She knew the child within would be a boy, a strong child who would grow up into a warrior like his father.

 LINDSAY DOWNS  (Sensual mystery)Ice Queen cocked her head sideways only to perceive a knowing smile on her capture. 
Oh crap, my cover’s blown, Ice Queen not only thought but knew.

It had been several days since the incident that left Katriana in a state of catatonia. Junior had read romance novels to her while she lay in bed. He spent as much time with Katriana as possible.

KAREN CINO (Contemporary romance)

Billy never left the hospital.  He spent the evening in the small waiting room down the hall from Alexandra’s room.  Leaving the hospital wasn’t an option.  God forbid anything happened to Alexandra, he wanted to make certain he was only seconds away.

MORGEN BAILEY (General fiction)
"Daffodils, Eddie! Mum's favourites are daffodils. What are these?"
"Gerberas, my love," Eddie replied, deflated. "It's all the shop had left."
Her eyes fluttered open. She stood at the lodge door. He emerged out of the low heavy mist and stepped toward her. His stride was sure and strong. His gray eyes sparkled like lightning.

Paul continued with his false pleasantries, the host of the party and his captor seemed thrilled at his feigned acceptance. He could not say that the party was uninteresting to him.
"Summer's Desire"
The night didn’t play out as he expected. He tried everything to get a moment alone with Summer. She was quite adept at avoiding him.
CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet contemporary romance)
As I strolled through Grandma's garden, stopping to touch a tender bloom or to pluck away the weeds, memories warmed my heart.  
Zinnias meant friendship, sunflowers were wishes, and the gray-green moss symbolized charity.  

She prided herself for being in good shape, but nothing could prepare her for the strenuous rowing expedition she just pulled off. She worked harder than the brief time she had a fitness trainer yelling at her, another get-in-shape-fast scheme that didn’t fare well


Monday, April 23, 2012


Thank you for coming! To read the stories, simply click on the author's name and you will be taken to their blog. Enjoy!

JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
"If I Loved You"
 She saw color creep up his neck for the first time and it made her smile.
KHARISMA RHAYNE (Contemporary Military Erotic Romance)
"Military Measures"
It seemed like forever while I stood with my hands just resting on his body. I heard a car zoom down the street and screech to a stop, likely forgetting the stop sign that was newly placed there. 
LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Contemporary Romance) 
"Something Borrowed, Something Blue"
Without a sheer, gossamer veil edged with lace or a long white gown, Tina’s wedding day arrived on schedule. The sun peeked over the eastern horizon into a soft blue sky with just a few puffs of cloud and rose into glory to shine over a green landscape blooming with flowers.
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance) 
The police car pulled away from the front entrance of the emergency room.  Billy took a deep breath, grateful that he wasn’t taken out of the hospital in handcuffs. 

Paul was led out into the audience and under instructions he held a tray of orderves for the guests to pluck. Of course they were not as interested in the moving food as they were in him. 

From the table inside the coffee bar Ice Queen had a clear view of the hotel’s front entrance. The abduction of Ashleigh’s partner, if that’s what he was, had been so smooth no one had raised any alarms. 

Sally exited the mini mart sucking a cherry-flavored Slurpee that matched her painted lips, and headed toward the gas pumps to fill her car. 

On her way back to the house she had quickly stopped at the little grocery store for a few fresh items for Mia’s lunch box and dinner that night. 
CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet Contemporary Romance) 
"In the Driver's Seat"

Margaret Beaumont opened the door of the old Buick roadster and slid inside. She stared at the bewildering array of levers, knobs, and gauges spread out before her 
"Appearances Can Be Deceptive"
Sitting outside the bank isn’t your idea of fun. They said they wouldn’t be long but whenever Ernie’s involved you know his clock works differently to everyone else’s.
The cultured voice fairly thrummed with satisfaction. “He’s heading North.”
“North you say? Are ye sure?”
Claire stood behind the lush tropical trees, held her breath and watched the bridegroom as he finally walked away in the opposite direction. Great, Claire thought. 
Shock rolled through Paisley.  She hadn’t expected his revelation.
TAINA VICARI (Thriller/suspense) 
The day was just as dismal as the couple before. Johnny had sat for hours watching the door of the house on Clyde Street. No movement, nothing but an occasional bird or squirrel on the front lawn.

Monday, April 16, 2012


 This week, for a change of pace, our writer are writing 300-words stories to one of these pictures. Come back tomorrow to connect to the stories. For today, enjoy the pix!

Click on the writer's name to go to their blog and see the rest of the story:
JEAN JOACHIM - (Contemporary romance)

“That’s the surprise?” Caroline turned her gaze toward the four men on the dune.
“I won them at the auction...a group date with the Farrell brothers.”

DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic Romance)
Hooking my leg over the post, I watched – no correct that - I stared as my BFF’s brothers, all four of them were washing off in the horse trough, their torsos bare, but looking sexier than sin in jeans and hats. Did they notice me – not likely! 

 LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY  (Contemporary romance)
"The Manning Brothers on the Flying A Ranch"
  Bare skin glistened in the summer sunlight and heat radiated off four male torsos.  Elise braked the car and stared at the luscious sight, the best thing she’d seen all day.   

STEFAN ELLERY (Contemporary)

He was set up, the last thing Pete wanted was to have a confrontation with anyone. He didn’t care how skinny or tough they were. 

"The Jinn's Daughters" 
They were formed from nothing. The lithe bodies, the long limbs, the come-hither poses were not and then they simply were. 

“Damn!” Lydia licked her lips and ogled the four hot men sent to greet her. “This will be a lot harder of a job than I thought. 

Knowing she wanted to be an actress, her flatmate Tim had sold it to her as an opportunity to get in front of the camera, but neglected to tell her the camera wouldn’t be shooting at the time.
Janice had no idea how hot it would be the day of the photo shoot.  She had protested from the start, although she needed the money. She was a landscape photographer and now because of funds she was taking pictures of half-naked cowboys for a new record label. 

Spring Fitzgerald eyed each shirtless cowboy before her. Something wasn’t right. She was supposed to be the Resident in Charge of these grown men? 


Monday, April 9, 2012


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. This week our writers wrote their stories to the word prompt "airport". Please click on the name of the writer to go to their blog and read their story. We hope you'll join us every week.

LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Contemporary romance)
"Terminal Love"
Her heels tapped out a rapid rhythm over the polished floors of the Tulsa International Airport as Tina hurried toward the gate where Nick should soon arrive.  She dressed up for the occasion, wanting to look beautiful for him although she wouldn’t care if he got off the plane in dirty khaki and worn boots.

SHERRY GLOAG (Contemporary Romance)

 The low-slung morning sun cast its faded glow over the frosted boughs of the surrounding trees.  Rosie couldn’t believe it.  The previous day the temperature soared into the high teens, and now, the following morning, she’d woken to winter in the middle of summer.


It’s the one place you dread. Psyche yourself up so much that you feel sick before you get on the plane. If you liked alcohol more you’d get drunk but then you know that would make things worse.

Several weeks ago, a Pilot needed a Pilot, when he had a meltdown and the Jet Blue plane had to land in Amarillo, instead of Vegas.

LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual mystery)
“He’s on the move,” Ice Queen whispered into her cell phone.

“We’re all set at this end. He’ll be bagged and tagged before he knows what hits him,” Jeff answered back.

RAWIYAS (M/M Erotic Romance)
“Yeah I know what you’re saying…I’m crazy!” Still at the airport, I stared out the window, starry eyed, wishing I was back in Hawaii.  

The crabs stripped Paul of his Earth made clothing and and sprayed him with scented steam. Another ran fine toothed claws through his hair straightening it out.

KAREN CINO  (Contemporary Romance)

Alexandra went into surgery and Billy was escorted into the waiting area where the two officers were sitting, having a cup of coffee waiting for him.  With everything going on, he had totally forgot about the interrogation squad waiting for him.

DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic Romance)
her a cup of tea.

 KATHLEEN TIGHE BALL (Modern Cowboy Romance)
"Summer's Desire"
"What is going on around here?" Stone glared at Clare and then at Summer. 

SELAH JANEL (Urban Fantasy)
The open air stung a bit as it pushed over Cassandra’s tender scales. While her wings took some getting used to, she found that flying wasn’t as intimidating as she’d assumed.  

Monday, April 2, 2012


 Tara closed the door to her room. Her palms were a little sweaty. She looked at the beads of moisture there and laughed at her own nervousness.

MORGEN BAILEY(General Fiction)
You can’t help staring at his chest. Only a mammoth has more hair than Eddie. It’s the only thing you dislike about his body so you close your eyes and think of proverbial England… the country of your birth… the country you miss, despite everything you have here.

KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
  You could hear the ambulance and police sirens in the distance.  This wasn’t part of the plan.  There was blood all over the place.
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Mystery)
A soft, almost unperceivable except to the astute listener, knock sounded on her door. With ease she swung the door open and came face to chest with him.

Chest of Gold
  As each day passed, solitary and slow, Tina waited.  She re-read Nick’s letter until the paper wore thin and the ink blurred.

Sophie slouched back into the cushions. “My education stinks. Not to say it’s nearly non-existent.” 

The ship made a clanking sound and he could hear the pressure of air being released. The lid to his compartment opened up with a hiss and one of the metallic crabs reached in with it’s over sized claw and pulled him out.

CHRISTINA COLE (Contemporary Romance)
Love Spells 
“It wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked,” Ellie explained to Miranda the following morning. The two friends had taken their coffee out onto the balcony and were relaxing in deck chairs. “It scared the wits out of me, I’ll admit, but --

RAWIYA (Erotic M/M Contemporary Romance, "R")

You’re a fool, Peter. What makes you think he’d give you the time of day? 
Peter stared at the young man’s chest, fully tanned, his perky nipples looked so good he wished he could ask for a taste.

Summer shivered in the cold. Maybe taking a walk wasn't the smartest thing, but her longing for Stone and her hate for Clare ate at her.

"Will she be okay?" Sabrina asked Henry nervously. It had been 3 days since Katriana had spoken, eaten or even moved. Had it not been for the rise and fall of her chest Sabrina would have thought her to be dead.

Jake rolled over and spooned in behind his husband, listening to the tempo of Cade’s breathing increase. Married for two years, Jake was just as turned on by Cade today as he was the very first time they’d kissed.

DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic Romance, "R")
When Paisley pulled free of his embrace, Kaleb wanted to scream, to yell, or even pound his chest at the interruption.  He’d been given  a glimpse of heaven to only have it ripped away by a nosy doctor. Mumbling a cuss word or two under his breath, he turned and unlocked the door, determined to brazen it out.