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Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Our authors are writing to the prompt of "ice" today, so appropriate with winter approaching. 

Jean Joachim (Contemporary romance)
"Carrie and Grey at Christmas"
      Carrie rolled over in bed and placed her hands flat against Grey’s bare chest.
    “Good morning,” she whispered, unwilling to disturb the quiet of the house.
    “Merry Christmas,” he whispered back, sliding his hand down
the smooth skin of her side and over to squeeze her rump.
 The Zamboni machine just finished making the ice sparkle.  The lines for the goalies’ creases, the blue and red center lines stand out.

Karen Cino (Contemporary Romance)
“Hello.”  Billy pushed open Alexandra’s door with his shoulder while struggling with the bags in his arms.  “Alexandra, are you home?”
            “I’m upstairs.  Give me a few minutes to finish putting the laundry away and I’ll be right down.”

People always seemed surprised to find that war wasn’t a string of constant bloody battles. More often than not it involved watching and waiting, especially these days. Lieutenant Peter “Rabbit” Kincaid usually hated the waiting. Tonight, though, he wished the waiting would go on another day.

Lindsay Downs (Romantic mystery)
As she let her eyes glance around the smoke filled bar she hooked a thumb into the back pocket of her hip hugging jeans. The action helped draw her shoulders back emphasizing her slightly tanned near perfect breasts peering out from a lacey midriff baring tank top.

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Despite the weather bureau’s dire predictions Shelby didn’t expect ice.  Maybe a bit of sleet or a little freezing rain but she never imagined what an ice storm could do.   She’d seen a few times when enough freezing rain coated roads and power lines to make driving slick and power questionable but when the first sharp pellets of ice pummeled her home, she began to wonder just what would happen.   
J.R. Jenkins (Contemporary) I do feel stung though. Not about his irrational firing of me, but rather the part where he said I wasn’t good enough for her. I kind of already know that. She’s so independent and so smart and beautiful. She should be seeing a guy who can offer her a lot more than what I can, that’s for sure. A guy who doesn’t barely make it by and doesn’t have such a screwed up past. A past that he’s still paying for. She doesn’t care. She tells me this all the time, but that doesn’t change the fact that I care. I care a lot.

Kathleen Ball (Modern Cowboy Romance)
The wind blew hard, howling incessantly down the chimney. Summer added some wood to the fire. It's wasn't the fire that caused the ice shard in her heart  to start melting. It was seeing Stone shirtless, his hard chest muscles made her throb and his rock hard abs led her think of things she has no business thinking.
Stefan Ellery (Sci Fi /Fantasy)
They entered the quarry, being careful not to slip on the loose dirt,
on the way down to the bottom. when they reached a level surface Kai pulled out a small object that looked very much like a cell phone. Paul glanced at the screen and saw some red dots placed all over a map of the quarry.

E.A. Irwin (mainstream fiction)
“Quit pacing, you’re giving me vertigo! Are you trying to wear a tunnel in the floor so you can escape?”
 “Shut up.”

Lena Hart (Romantic Suspense)
“Oh my God, this is not happening,” Amber shrieked. She began tugging at her bound hands but his grip held fast. “You don’t understand, I can’t stay here. Someone’s trying to kill me!"

Linna Drehmel (Sci Fi/Fantasy)

Although the tree felt good and solid at her back, she felt a peculiar tingle of magic through its bark. She really didn’t ponder too much on this odd sensation as Bal’thon stood right in front of her planting his hands on the tree each just above her shoulders.

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