Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This week our authors are incorporating "wedding" into their stories. Click on the author's name to go to their story. Hope you enjoy them and thanks for stopping by. Want to write with us? Scroll to the end of this post to find out how.

Jean Joachim (Contemporary romance)
Carrie sat on the velvet window seat in her strapless bra, panties and slip and looked out the master bedroom window at the large expanse of lawn. A few people were hurrying around, putting up a huge tent and setting up tables.
Feeling utterly miserable, Johanna decided to go out and walk along the stockade. The moon shone in   brilliant white ribbons, skimming off the stream that ran past the fort. Here and there, Johanna caught sight of a couple walking together and she felt a pain of jealousy and loss. "I thought I'd find you here," the familiar, deep voice called from behind her.

"Louisiana Wedding: Cara and Will"
If that priest, an old man with half-blind eyes, had any idea what we were, my love and I, he would have never married us. We broke every rule that the Catholic Church has about marriage, anyway. There was no pre-marital counseling, no pre-Cana training, nothing but Will and I, standing before an altar in a quiet church in Coushatta, Louisiana, a little wide spot in the road somewhere southeast of Shreveport.
J.R. Jenkins (Contemporary)
 I walk into the shop and see Princess there, stop dead in my tracks, and groan loudly. What is she doing here anyway? She’s not supposed to work closing shifts. Raven isn’t doing music, so why is she here? I thought I was working with my brother? Maybe he’s running late.
“Yeah, I’m not happy about it either worthless,” she says and walks off to the back room.

“I can’t believe I’m getting married in just a few short hours,” Alexandra said.
"Neither can I,” her best friend Dee said.  “This has been a long time coming.”
“Yes it has.”  Looking in the mirror she pointed below her eye,” Can you give me another coat of eyeliner?”

"Summer's Desire 14"
"Can I be the flowergirl?"
Summer looked at Rachael in shock."For what sweetheart?"
"For you and Daddy's wedding.You'll wear white and I can wear pink. Daddy said it was a done deal."
That low down snake! How was she supposed to tell this hopeful child that her father makes things up? 

Lindsay Downs (Romantic Suspense) 
The sound of a car horn outside the office window drew Emily's head to the clock on the lower right corner of her computer screen. Right on time. Now to sneak out.

Stefan Ellery (YA Sci Fi, Fantasy)
Paul back pedaled until he hit one of the globules, causing it to make a sick burping sound.  The thing ahead immediately moved towards his direction. He backed up further and felt his back press against the warm wall. He couldn't’ hide feeling defeated he slumped his shoulders. 

Linna Drehmel (YA, Gothic Horror,PG)
Gottlieb watched with eyes that pierced the darkness as his new vonehe son sped past him with the strength of a Darkon into the woods. He felt the burning pain of betrayal that emanated from Wilhelm.

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  1. What a great variety of genres this week- I love the little snippets from all these authors- fab job everyone

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