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Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Our authors are writing to the prompt of "fire" today, so appropriate with winter approaching.  

Jean Joachim (Contemporary Romance, Rated R)
 "Champagne for Christmas"
The heat she felt for him rose in her chest…flirting came back so easily, like riding a bicycle. She looked right into his eyes.  
"He fell into my fire," Ryan told her. "I need some cold water."
"Oh, dear!" Mabel peered at Seamus' leg. "It looks awful. We need to bandage that as well." She climbed into her wagon, and, after a few minutes, returned with strips of cloth. "These should do."
Johanna took them and ripped them into smaller pieces.
"Where's your water keg?" Ryan asked impatiently.
"Don't shout at me!" Johanna snapped. "You should know where it is—tied to the wagon."
"Get it."
"Get it, yourself." Their gazes locked.
Linna Drehmel (Sci Fi)
"Burdens of Proof"

With out so much as a sound he lunged forward, gripping his left hand non too gentle on her throat making it hard for her to breathe.“What are you doing?” She choked. “Let go!” She desperately tried pry his hand from her neck.
Michael Charton (Romance)
She walked in the room at the Christmas Party in smoldering red.  Heads turned immediately.
 Lindsay Downs (Christmas Story)
Following his mother's lead, he made sure the others stayed low to the ground. A dash here and there with a corrective nip helped keep them lower than the windblown grass.
Karen Cino (Contemporary Romance)
Alexandra wiped the ice off her black and white ski pants.  For the past hour, Billy and she had been ice-skating on the lake down the road from her house.  Billy stole the show with his strategic skating steps, while she spent most of the time on her butt.  She’d fall, Billy would pick her up, she’d skate a few feet and then back on her butt again.
E.A. Irwin (Paranormal Mystery)
The aroma of caramel bloomed in my head. Creamy. Sweet. The rich flavor flowed across my tongue, waves of decadence filled my mouth with distinctive pleasure as I savored the thrill-induced taste.
Kay Springsteen (Contemporary Romance, Rated R)

 The wind ran capricious fingers through Celine’s long dark hair. Perhaps she should have put it up, since she was driving her brand new red convertible with the top down. But something about the freedom in being just a little wild had made her chuck the scrunchy so her hair could fly out behind her.
Stefan Ellery (Sci Fi/Fantasy)
Paul relished the freedom he had, when his parents went out to work, he would escape the confines of the house.  He still had the
protection of the nano shield.  If he did not take advantage of it
then he would be wasting a valuable gift.
Kathleen Ball (Modern Cowboy Romance)
"Summer's Desire"
Summer could feel the fire of his stare. It infuriated her that his gaze could make her feel so hot. Why wouldn't he just go back into the barn and leave her alone? If weakening her resolve with his sexy stare was his plan, then he
was winning.

J.R. Jenkins (Contemporary)
With Megan I feel all sorts of things though. Love, God I love her, and I always will. She was my first and she’s been my only. Anger, that was another emotion that passed through me too. I’m not sure if it came out at all, but it was definitely there. Longing, because I missed her and I miss being wanted by someone. I miss being someone’s everything. Fear, I still didn’t trust her.
Cecilia Robert
(Paranormal Romance)
"All Over Again"

Fire surrounded her, everything a blur of red, orange and black smoke, a scene from hell.
This must be what it felt like to burn alive, Cynthia thought, struggling to hold her breath, avoiding to breathe the blackened smoke.  Tears sprang from her eyes, and glided down her face, cooling her face.
Sherry Gloag 

Snow, silent as stealth, filled the driveway beyond her front door. Inside silence filled the room while she sat staring at the fire.

“Can you see the pictures in the flames?”  Her mother’s voice came across as clearly as if she stood next to Monica.

She’d been five the first time her mother asked the question.  Five and eager to experience something new.
Lena Hart (Romantic Suspense)

Marc sat across Amber Bennett in the small interview room and studied her. It was no secret she was hiding something. He could see it in her big brown eyes and the way she pursed her full lips before she spoke. 
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy (Romance - heat level 3) 
“Better?” he asked and she nodded, her head tucked against his shoulder.
             “Oh, yeah,” Shelby said.  A different kind of heat enveloped her and she struggled to remember the lines of a Robert Frost poem, Fire And Ice without success.  “I’m warm now.”
            Mike cradled her in his arms as he settled into his big man’s recliner, a chair larger than the average one with plenty of space for two
           Her fingertips traced his lips and as if prompted, Mike
kissed her, his mouth warm and sweet over hers until she forgot the ice for the moment, drowning in a wild, wonderful fire searing her veins.

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