Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Our authors are writing to the prompt of Thanks or Thanksgiving, so appropriate for this week!  Have a great holiday, we are all thankful for your, our readers!

Though it was only eight o’clock, the phone rang. Delia jumped.
“Who the hell can that be at this hour?”

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy - Mainstream Fiction
"Bill Thanksgiving Goose"
As November waned with gray skies, moving toward December with the decrepit speed of an old man, Anna wondered what she might cook for Thanksgiving.  Turkey prices soared beyond her meager budget and she hoped they might gather up enough money to buy a fat hen.  She could make dumplings with it, she thought, a fine meal and far better than their usual fare of beans or potatoes.  President Roosevelt might say Americans had nothing to fear but fear itself but then he wasn’t trying to feed five little hungry mouths or keep a roof over their heads the way she and Bill did.

Karen Cino  (Contemporary Romance)
Billy threw another log into the blazing fireplace.  This was the first Thanksgiving in a long time that a four-inch coating of snow lined the narrow city streets. 
            Alexandra couldn’t have been happier this year.  Her life finally felt complete, for she had found the life she yearned for with the man she couldn’t live without.

The faint distant sound of a helicopter diverted Master Sergeant Blake Dahill's attention from the job at hand, cleaning his M4 carbine. He cocked his head to confirm the flight path and let out a frustrated groan, the CH 47 was headed in their direction.
Alexandra Christian (Historiacl Romance)
Temperance sat on the edge of the bay, looking out over the November sunset.  She thought about all the ways in which her life had changed since coming to this strange new land nearly a year ago.  Her mother and father had decided in the summer of her eighteenth year, after losing their land to the tyranny of King James, that they would begin again in the wilds of this New World.

Stefan Ellery (Sci Fi)

  Paul, walked out into the earths atmosphere, seeing the night sky in a way he had never done in his life.  He was so thrilled he laid down on his back to look at the stars twinkling in the darkness of space.  He could see so much more with just his naked eye than the telescope he used.
"Summer's Desire"
Stone could kick himself. All he wanted was Summer in his life and in his bed. He'd thought about her and their lovemaking every day for the last ten years. He'd been living in his own private hell and now his actions had dumped both Rachael and Summer into hell with him.

Linna Drehmel (Sci Fi Fantasy)
Bal’thon gripped Natalie’s hand tight as he led her through the dense forest. She had a hard time keeping up with him as he was moving so fast. Natalie heard the crunch of dry leaves on the ground and wondered when they would stop.

J.F. Jenkins (Contemporary)
One of the best things about having a kid is that you can use the kid for an easy excuse to get out of just about anything. After all of the drama that went down at the decorating, I was very ready to get out of there.

Lena Hart
(Romantic Suspense)
Amber felt light-headed from the anticipation. The pan began to weigh heavily in her hands. She needed to call for help. She immediately thought of Detective Sharpe. No. Austen said no police."

Like a man possessed, Ryan rode with more speed than he'd ever ridden. Years of living among the Nez Perce gave him the skill to ride like one with his horse. Charlene's cries sounded pitiful and low beneath the rumble coming their way. She walked directly in the path of the stampede. "Good Lord," Ryan shouted. "Stay there. I'm coming.

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