Monday, February 15, 2021

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt Week

Welcome! We are a group of writers who write stories to word prompt every week. This week is actually a picture prompt instead of a word prompt. Click on the author's name and go to their blog to read their story. Make the rounds! And please, leave comments. We all love to have comments. Thank you for stopping by. 

V.L. LOCEY (MM Hockey Romance)

I took a seat on the glider, inhaled the mountain air, and had a few moments of Zen. 

TRICIA ANDERSEN (Paranormal/Greek god Romance)

Seeing the man he loved bleeding from his own actions tore him to shreds.



“You have no call to waylay these innocent travelers.”


SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Romantic Thriller)

“Stop beating yourself up about it. You aren’t responsible for her disappearance.”


JEAN JOACHIM (Small Town Romance)

Marty couldn’t remember the last time he’d drunk a glass of milk.


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