Monday, February 17, 2020

Tuesday Tales - Word Prompt "Skinny"

Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week we have written to the word prompt, SKINNY. Please check out all the offerings and remember, comments are always appreciated. Thank you for stopping by and many thanks for sharing!

Flossie Benton Rogers  (Paranormal Fantasy)
“How are the Merry Musketeers?”

V.L. Locey  (MM Hockey Romance)
Debbie gave me a nudge and then I was out under the lights, the crowd on its feet as it cheered.

Tricia Andersen  (Paranormal/Greek god romance)
If we do go our separate ways, which we won’t, the past few days will fuel any fantasy I could conjure up until I’m dead.

Jean Joachim  (Romantic Suspense)
“You never invited her in for grapes and coffee?” A twinkle lit his eyes.

Susanne Matthews  (Historical Romance Suspense)
“But we will eat quickly and then be on our way. I smell death on the wind.”

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