Monday, September 11, 2017

Tuesday Tales: It's Picture Time

Hello everyone. Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales, the place where books are born. Each week, a gifted group of authors present you with a new scene from their current works in progress. The catch? The scene must be based on a word or a picture. To make it even tougher, if it's a picture, we are limited to 300 words! 

This week, we have a small sampling for you based on one of the following pictures.  Make sure to check them all and see how creative we can be!

So which image did your favorite author choose?

Have a look and see! 

Trisha Faye   Historical Fiction

“Best butter in town. Came from the best dairy in Covina. I have 

connections there.”

Tricia Andersen   Paranormal/Greek god Romance.

But they were dealing with the god of death.

Susanne Matthews   Contemporary Romance

“Yours is a delightful shade of strawberry blond, while hers used to 

look like overcooked carrots.”

Jean Joachim   Baseball Romance

Walking down Fifth Avenue, Skip stopped in front of a fancy-

schmancy ice cream parlor. 

Thanks for dropping by. See you next week.

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