Monday, September 25, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Coat

Welcome back! This week the Tuesday Tales authors are working with the word prompt "Coat". We hope you enjoy your visits to our blogs and come back every week to see what we have for you. 

Flossie Benton Rogers (Historical Fantasy Romance)

Her trembling fingers plucked on a thread of indigo sheen.

Jean Joachim (Baseball Romance)

“Hey, engaged men first. We’ve got women waiting,” Matt Jackson, the catcher, said, giving Skip a playful shove.

Susanne Matthews (Contemporary Romance)

“Wow! Are you bleeding? I felt those cat scratches from here.”

Trisha Faye (Historical Fiction)
“You wouldn’t want your own daughter and son-in-law to lose their livelihood because they’d lost their trees to freeze, would you Mama?”

V.L. Locey (M/M Hockey Romance)
Indigo was the most compelling, attractive, outlandish man that I had ever seen. 

Jillian Chantal (Regency Romance)
He tilted the vessel gently until the liquid touched her mouth.

Tricia Andersen (Paranormal/Greek God Romance)
You, Juliet, are almost as immortal as us. When Ares is done with you, and trust me he will be, you can keep popping into his life. A bad penny so to speak.

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