Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tuesday's Tales- May 31, 2016- Picture Prompt

This week is picture prompt week. We had a choice of several outdoor scenes to pick for our stories. And we have the picture prompt word restriction -- only 300 words! Click on the links below and visit each blog to see what picture was chosen and learn why when you read their story.

Thank you for coming!

Vicki Locey: LGBTQ Zombie Romantic Comedy 
"Your poetic meter is sadly lacking."

Jillian Chantal:  Contemporary 

Her training kicked in harder.

Jean JoachimGenre - sports romance 

He’d made plenty of mistakes in his life, but marrying Lauren wasn’t one of them.

Trisha Faye: Contemporary Romance: 
“I said ‘Saint Luke’. You make him out to be a flawless paragon.”

Flossie Benton Rogers:Paranormal Fantasy Romance 
The pre-dawn air hummed with energy.

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