Monday, March 28, 2016

Tuesday Tales - Writing to the prompt 'Swallow'

Welcome to Tuesday Tales.
Our word prompt is "swallow" this week.
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She didn’t have the look of a cougar, but Jaiden was more familiar with the nature of the four-legged ones than the two-legged ones.

"Are you two queer?" David asked as soon as Charlotte and Andrew were out of hearing range.

Placing the photo back into the diary I over carefully turned the pages. After all, this little book was almost twice as old as me.

Jackie stared back and forth from one to the other. She recognized a physical resemblance but had no memory of them

“My plan? I had no plans, nor any thoughts of what might happen. Reanna said ‘Let’s go’ and I followed her.”

She halted mid-stride.

She visualized getting to know Paul, in the biblical sense, in every room of the house, and almost died at his next words.

“Wow, we really did spend hours with these things, didn’t we?”

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