Monday, August 5, 2013


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JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance)
 "The Rescued Heart"
 "What are you doing here is a better question," Bruce countered.
Hack looked at Rory. "You slept with him?" 
SHERRY GLOAG (Contemporary Romance)
Which would she be? Chocolate?  
IRIS BLOBEL (Sports Romance)
She stopped the car in front of her small house she rented. Studying the yard in front of her, the image of his dead body flashed in front of her eyes and the first tears rolled down her cheeks.

 LINDSAY DOWNS (Regency Romance)
He gulped on seeing the gown which graced her, pale green. He suspected it must have been designed to drive a man crazy, which it was doing to him.
SARAH CASS (Paranormal Romance)
The earth dropped out from under her and she fell. She landed with a grunt on a patch of grass.
V. L. LOCEY (M/M Mythological Romance)
“So you try to shoot your twin in the stomach? Imagine what mother would say if you had missed,” I call out. Artemis steps from behind a scraggly copse of shaggy-barked trees, a wry smile on her face. 
She blushed from head to toe, took one deep, deep breath to still her quickened heart. "Right," she grumbled, and in one smooth move, raced over to take the proffered undergarment which must have fallen out when she stumbled.
TRISHA ANDERSEN (Medieval Fantasy Romance)
Brunon’s men never had the patience to stand guard.  What harm could such a little woman do?  If they only knew.
DAVEE JONES (Erotic Romance)
Sexy Bea Spelling
"Tammy had told Bea to dress to kill and wear red lipstick. “Show this guy who’s boss. Bring him to his knees in your sexy power suit. I promise you he won’t know what to do.”
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Dinner had been wonderful.  Lorenzo had taken her out to an Italian restaurant, where he ordered all her favorite foods. 
JILLIAN CHANTAL (20th Century Historical)
Fiona pulled her hair up in a twist securing it with a crystal barrette.
KATHLEEN BALL (Western  Romance)
Burke leaned against the doorframe, His arms were folded and his shoulders and neck were so tense to the point of hurting. Why didn’t she answer her cell?
Paul looked at his companions “where is the Norg home world?”
MORGAN WYATT (Contemporary Romance)
"The Inheritance"
Her breath hitched, testifying to his appeal. If he knew who she really was, he’d probably toss her overboard. 
TAI VICARI (Suspense Thriller)
Hell girl, you better not tell me no, I'm dying for a great meal with some good company.

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