Monday, August 19, 2013


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JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance) 
The Big Lie
“Catch up on what? Desertion?”
“Interesting you bring that up.”
SARAH CASS (Contemporary Romance)
She could remember joking with her friend, Eve, five years ago about Dunc being jail bait for women like them. Now he was legal and even better looking with azure eyes, mussed blond hair and a crooked smile that she bet had melted the panties off of many girls in his class.
V. L. LOCEY (M/M Mythological Romance)
His chapped lips break into a brief smile that makes me long to see him smile again. The shock of that sensation in my chest is startling. 
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
“Wow.”  Pia’s eyes bulged wide opened.  “You’ve left me speechless.”
SHERRY GLOAG (Contemporary Romance)
She flicked on the light and stopped dead in the doorway.
He entered my life the easy way, this third son of mine - already potty-trained, already driving. His leaving, not so easy.
TRICIA ANDERSEN (Medieval Fantasy Romance)
“All right.  Then tonight.  Here.  At this stream.  I will bring you Lady Miranda.”
“By the way, I know it’s warm out but do you have a shirt to put on. My neighbors are nosy and if they see you walking around like that,” not that I mind, “They’re going to give me the third degree as to who you are.”
Arianna took Paul aside and whispered. “I know your heart has settled on Silf, but you may have a broken heart before this adventure is over.
DAVEE JONES (Erotic Romance) 
Sexy Bea Spelling
Bea drank half her beer before roughly setting the bottle down on the end table.
JILLIAN CHANTAL(20th Century Historical)
“Speaking of wastes of time, Barrington, I don’t know what you see in this little mouse when you have that nice, vibrant piece in your own compartment." 
MORGAN WYATT (Contempory Romance)
He never appreciated what he had then. Wisdom always came too late. 
CATHY GREENFEDER (Western Romance)
Any Cowboy Won't Do
She let the call go to her voice mail. The past year had been rough enough since the break-up with Ryder.

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