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WELCOME! Thank you for stopping by. It's time for Tuesday Tales again. This week's word prompt is "life". Click on the author's name to visit their blog and read their story.
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance) 
“Hey, Jim. Long time, no see,” Don said, drying glasses behind the bar.
“Hi, Don. This is Sarah Morgan, Sarah, Don Rosen.”

DAKOTA TRACE (Erotic Romance - PG-13, language)
Hefting his duffel over his shoulder, Kaleb slowly followed the person in front of him down the ramp.  It had been a long flight home – nearly twenty hours in the air but more than that with his layovers.

IRIS BLOBEL (Sweet Romance)
“Clara Catherine Bellinger.”
“Who is she?” Mia asked her sister.

CATHY GREENFEDER (Time Travel Romance)
"Mistress of Pendragon"
"Good heavens, you killed them."
"Aye, tis for sure, and a good thing I did else they'd 'ave taken the life o' you." With one swift move he got before her on the horse.

DAWNE PROCHILO (Contemporary/YA)

"A pact.”
“I know what a pact is, Ethan. An agreement. But what does that have to do with us?”
“This...” Ethan took Brynn's hand in his. The pad of his thumb stroked her tender skin. “Let's say in ten years we're both married to other people and not happy. We find each other and... make each other happy.”

Anger and frustration ripped up from nowhere, she wanted to lash out, to hurt someone in retaliation for the injuries sustained by her husband. “Now if you are staying here, make yourself useful and sit with Julian, while Nurse and I get some air.

 "Love Spells - Chapter 3)
Startled by the voice, she turned and looked about. Miranda had not spoken. The words came from inside Ellie's head, or maybe from somewhere deep inside her heart. 


I am dealing with the two women interested in me, so I went to the wisest person I know, my Dad.
We were sitting in his study.
With the dinner table cleared and a brandy snifter in hand she settle back in the overstuffed leather chair. She watched her two guests, neither having come close to enjoying a private drink later, in the intimate privacy of her suite.

Silf leaned back in her chair and stared at up at the ceiling.
“My life was much different back then, I had been brought up with a whole set of ideals, that didn’t mesh with my present reality.
"The Eternal Triumph of Life"
The first time it happened Tina said nothing, figured it was nothing more than a momentary indisposition.  When she became sick again, she decided it came from the stress of living in a tenuous balance between peace and war. 

MORGEN BAILEY (General Fiction)
"The Milkman's"
Staring at the picture you wonder how Jeff had never queried the resemblance. He'd joked about Simon being the milkman's but you knew he was never serious.

“I wanna spend my life with you Peter. You’re my best friend and my lover.”

KAY SPRINGTEEN (Contemporary Romance)

The antiseptic smell of the hospital made Anna slightly sick to her stomach. The click-clack of her hard-soled heels on the surface of the glossy tile floor broke the tomb-like hush of the hallway leading to the intensive care unit.

Mary-Louise Pentington walked the perimeter of her living room, stopping occasionally to gaze through the bank of windows facing the back of her vast property.

My eyes snapped open. How had we gotten to the front of the church so fast? It felt as if time was against me, and was eager to unite me with my intended husband.


It was all by accident their meeting. Henry had been dealing with a potential client and listening to his music. So Sabrina decided to take a stroll through Old Town, Latvia.

Stone couldn't stand the look of conceit on his ex-wife's face. Did she really think she could waltz in and stay?

“How can he not be happy, baby? Look at yourself. You’re by far, the most beautiful person on earth.” 

J.F. JENKINS (Fantasy)
 My life began when she kissed me. One minute I'm standing in front of a door that's telling me to “wake up”, the next moment I see a golden haired beauty with her eyes closed and her lips pursed, hovering over me.

"You’re late,” Mayor Johnson grunted without ever looking up from whatever mumbo-jumbo doctrine she was drafting on her laptop. She was the only person that always knew when The Rose Demon was lurking about. 

"Machines of Darkness, Part Five"

Waade was in a half crouch, feet apart, bare hands in front of him, palms outward. His adversary stood in a similar stance, but with knife in hand. Sweat dripping off both men as they slowly circled each other watching and waiting for an opening.

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