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Thanks for stopping by. The prompt for this week's stories is "legs" (or "leg"). Click on the author's name to go to their blog and read their story. 

JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary romance)
“I always said, he’s got the looks, the charm and she’s got the brains.” Mary Davis’ voice carried beyond the master bedroom.
“Shhh, she’ll hear you.” Her father shut the door.

Watching as a woman was helped out of the neighboring chair by her husband, Paisley sighed with longing.  More than anything she wished she had a strong hand to cling too, to have her lover listen in awe at the sound of their child’s heartbeat.
CHRISTINA COLE (Sweet Historical Romance) 
"The Wrong Woman"
Will could not remember ever hearing a sigh quite like the one Abigail emitted. Long, weary, tremulous, and somehow filled with a range of emotion that made him want to pull the confusing woman into his arms and promise her the sun, the moon, the stars, or whatever else it would take to make her stop hurting.

LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensuous Mystery)
With one eye on Ashleigh, the other on her gentleman guests the Ice Queen settled onto the glove soft leather chair. Secluded in soft dark shadows, with a subtle wave of her hand, she positioned the men so to block the, soon to be dead, woman’s view of her.

SHARITA LIRA  (M/M/ Contemporary Romance) 
I stared at my man, turned over on his stomach, and sleeping soundly. Not a single item of clothing on that taut body. In reality to make him wear them would be a crime!

STEFAN ELLERY (Sci fi/Fantasy)
Paul wandered through the ship. he had a need to be alone with his thoughts.
It was the legs that the old man saw first. He couldn’t be sure, thinking them part of a tree, but then his dog started barking.

LEE ANN SONTHEIMER MURPHY (Contemporary Romance)
"Eight Legs of Fate"
On first glance she thought it must be a scrap of leaf, carried in on one of Nick’s boots and when she looked again Tina decided it might be a water stain on the tent.  When it moved with speed in her direction she identified it as a spider, a big one and screamed. 

"Mistress of the Pendragon"
 It seemed too easy, her surrender. When she extended her hand to him, he lifted her up and easily put her upon the horse. He wrapped the blanket about her shoulders and legs to keep the chill out. 

He cleared his throat. “So what are the suitcases all about?”
He saw her image in the reflection in the mirror.
"Source, Part Two"  
"Ambassador Symon,” Called Nathan as he approached them.He had once been, Second Councilor Nathan before Ambassador Tatiana died. 

"Summer's Desire - Chapter 31"
A sleepless night. Summer crawled out of bed wishing she were anywhere but at the ranch. It flummoxed her that Clare showed up on Stone's front door.

Sabrina followed Katriana for a couple of weeks. Masked with the talent of invisibility there was no way for Katriana to suspect Sabrina was watching her every step. Being studied so closely, Sabrina even slept next to Katriana at night.

SHERRY GLOAG (Contemporary Romance)
He raced for the house, dove through the aperture and rolled beneath the solid pine table in the centre of the room.

LENA HART (Romantic Suspense)
Marc sat in the only chair in the small motel room. Amber, now fully clad in jeans and a simple top, sat on the bed with her leg tucked underneath her.

KAY SPRINGSTEEN (Contemporary Romance)
At the corner of the house, Garrett stepped into the cover of a large evergreen bush. As far as he could tell, no one had moved through the snow in the front or side yards.

(Paranormal -Rated "R")

The first things Russell saw when he looked up from his routine were her legs; long, shapely pillars of pale, soft skin that almost distracted him from his anger. Almost.

S. H. RODDEY (Steampunk/Horror)
You want to walk again? I can make you walk.
The words echoed in Trina's head long after the mysterious man behind the curtain left the room.

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