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This week our authors are writing original short stories to include the prompt "Panty". Click on the name of the author to go to his or her page to read the short story. We love comments! Should we continue with our stories or start new ones? Express your opinion. We hope you'll come back every week. Thanks for stopping by.  
 Jean Joachim - Contemporary Romance

"April's Kiss in the Moonlight" 
As April McKenna drove her small car around the bend and approached a tiny town, a good looking, big man with short, reddish brown hair stepped into the street and stuck out his thumb.

“Yeah, right, Mr. Serial Killer, like I’m going to give you a ride,” she said aloud to herself, speeding up to pass him quickly but unable to direct her gaze away from his.

Lisa Beth Darling - Contemporary Romance/Suspense/Mystery
"Obsession: Emeralds & Lace - Story #2"

Drying her wet skin still steaming from the hot shower Helen smooth cherry scented body lotion all over my curves, from the tips of her toes, up her  calves, over the mound of her thighs and the (one time) flat of her stomach to her arms.  Helen does not cover her breasts, inner thighs, or her neck with the softly enchanting lotion, as she wants only the flavor of her flesh on his tongue tonight.

Lindsay Downs - Romantic Suspense

From behind her, the sound of the a bedroom door opening announced Jarrod's return to the land of the living. With her eyes glued to the stove Emily smiled while she continued to skillfully tend the bacon frying away.
Karen Cino - Contemporary Romance
Inviting Billy to her home for the first time for dinner scared Alexandra to death.  How could she have been so stupid to invite Billy over without thinking?  The musical note clock on the kitchen wall read twelve forty-five, leaving her a little over six hours to prepare dinner, straighten and clean the whole house.  

Kathleen Tighe Ball - Contemporary Cowboy Romance
"Summer's Desire - Part 9"

Thank God there was a coffee maker in her room. With almost no sleep behind her, Summer knew it would be a trying day. It wasn’t for the lack of trying. She should never have given Stone’s hands any thought. The memories  of his touch tormented her all night. 

Kathleen Grieve - Contemporary Medical and Paranormal Romance  This Content contains material that may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18~heat level-erotic.

Unable to resist the allure, Sam grasped the scrap of red silk and pressed the panty to his nose, inhaling deeply.  Tatum’s unique scent a mixture of something wild and untamed yanked his cock to attention.  The wave of desire slammed into his gut and his knees buckled forcing his to sit on the edge of the cold, empty bed.

Lee Ann Southeimer Murphy - Literary  Outside her hotel window, the Gateway Arch loomed tall and mysterious, like a strange artifact from another civilization.   Mercedes Montague lay in bed and when she could force her weary eyes open, stared at it, mesmerized by its proximity.   Her world class headache threatened to split her skull open, scattering odd bits of brain across the luxurious suite and if that failed to happen, she knew that her stomach, rolling and churning as much as the mighty Mississippi River a few blocks distant, would rebel and spew its contents over the fine carpets, leaving them stained.  

Excerpt: The room should have been in total disarray, with clothes and papers lying all over the place. Instead, it was organized to the point that one would suspect the occupant was suffering from OCD.

J. R. Jenkins- Contemporary

 I have a boyfriend. I have a boyfriend. I have a boyfriend. Crazy, especially since he’s five years older than me, and my brother’s best friend. Did I mention we live together? Naturally, I’m not telling anyone about this.

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