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This week our authors are writing original short stories to include the prompt "Treats or Trick". Click on the name of the author to go to his or her page to read the short story. We love comments! Should we continue with our stories or start new ones? Express your opinion. We hope you'll come back every week. Thanks for stopping by. 

Jean Joachim (Contemporary romance)
"The Halloween Party"
Cal Brophy, head of the mailroom at Goodhue, Walker and Bates Advertising, walked into Mr. Goodhue’s office and sat down.
“Cal, I need your help. I want the best Halloween Party ever. Something new and different. So I’ve come up with a contest.” 
Stefan Ellery  (YA)
Paul rummaged through his closet for any clothing he could wear that would protect his body while he was outside.    He had polyester shirts and jackets but found them not to be of any use.  He had outgrown them and preferred wearing shorts. 
Cathy Greenfeder
'Playing with a Ouija Board"
"Sweet Memories" lit up with the orange and white lights she had used to decorate the storefront for Halloween. Twin pumpkins carved with hidous grins glowered from the top of the wooden steps daring her entry.
 Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy (flash fiction)
"The Fine Art of Becoming"
All Hallows Eve always swept in with swift moving clouds out of the western sky.  By then, the hint of chill lingered in the air and at night the black sky sparkled with a thousand silver stars.  The wind crept through the bare branches of the trees and rattled them with a sound like dry bones.  Magic seeped into the collective consciousness from some alternate reality or ancient past.  Pagan whispers filled the air with unheard song and something within Leslie hearkened to them even if she could not understand their message. 
Kathleen Tighe Ball  (Cowboy Contemporary Romance)
"Summer's Desire"
 Looking at her rapidly depleting checking account, Summer wanted to be sick. It had been two months since she’d been fired and still she’d had no luck finding a job. It wasn’t for the lack of trying, Mimi’s father had somehow gotten word out that she was not rehirable. 
Lindsay Downs (Suspense/Mystery)
"You ready to go Emily," Mary called out, barely inside the front door, which beat tripping over Patches and Dakota as they greeted each other. Of course they'd only left each other's company a mere two hours, not a lifetime as they acted, ago. 
Karen Cino (Contemporary romance)
The moment Alexandra pushed the door opened the sound of classic rock and roll blared out.  Before she could join the party, a woman in a gothic vampire costume stopped her in the doorway with blood red lipstick on her plump lips. 
Siobhan Kincade (Horror) 
"Trick or Treat"
A piece of candy landed in the bottom of the empty bucket, starting the night off in a good way for Kelly and her toddler son, who wore a bright orange pumpkin-suit. 
Kathleen Grieve (Medical Romance/Paranormal) Rated NC-17
Femme Fatale Agent, Scarlet Reed watched as the balding overweight man scurried across the street. In his haste, he stumbled, not once, but twice. Sweat and fear emanated from him in waves. 
J.F. Jenkins (Contemporary)
“Aren’t you two precious, dressing in a cliche couples costume.” Princes teases, eyeing me in my simple angel costume. Wings, halo, and some facial glitter. I’ve never been the type to get super into Halloween though.
Brill sputters in his drink, coughing and spilling coffee down his chin. “What?” 
Linna Drehmel(YA, Sci/Fi)
Fredrik crouched in the tree, trying not to laugh. He knew that at the age of eighteen he was too old for these kinds of antics, but he couldn’t help himself. Symon was an easy target, and always forgave him without reporting him to The Ambassador or the Councilors for improper conduct.
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  1. I tried to comment on Stefan's and Cathy's...But they didn't take! Loved the unique use of the prompt, Stefan. And, Cathy, I have your book as one my daughter should read!