Monday, April 29, 2024

Tuesday Tales - Flower


Welcome to Tuesday Tales, where we write stories to word prompts. Our word today is "FLOWER." Click on the name of each author to read the free story snippet on her blog. Make sure to visit everyone. Writing is our passion, and comments make our day!

V.L. Locey (M/M Fantasy Romance) 

His hair gleamed more red than brown in the dappled light.

Flossie Benton Rogers  (Cozy Mystery)

I bolted up and began my usual pacing back and forth.

Tricia Andersen (M/F Greek God/Paranormal Romance)

That’s enough time for a quickie.
Jillian Chantal (Contemporary)

“Stupid girl. Too curious for your own good.”

Jean Joachim (Women's Fiction)

“And I doubt you’ll see a grand for your share, either,” her father added.

Susanne Matthews (Contemporary Paranormal Suspense Romance)

Marina dropped the card as if it had burned her.

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