Monday, November 7, 2022

Tuesday Tales: from the Word PAN


Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales. Our word prompt this week is PAN. Enjoy the scenes from our current works in progress. Feel free to comment. We love feedback.

PATSY FAYE (Sweet M/F Romance)

“Why, you’d think someone would have snatched him up by now.”

FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS (Paranormal Fantasy)

“You can never have too much sparkle.”

 JILLIAN CHANTAL (Contemporary/mystery)

So, something the old ghost finds distasteful?

 JEAN JOACHIM (MF Sports Romance)

Pushing up, her gaze panned the room from one end to the other and spied a bookcase.

 SUSANNE MATTHEWS (M/F Paranormal Romantic Comedy)

“You know, one of the men asked me today if I knew Hester’s maiden name.”

 TRICIA ANDERSEN (Paranormal Romance (M/F, M/M/F)

 Being a hacker had its perks.

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