Monday, January 10, 2022

Tuesday Tales - word prompt "Sticky"


Welcome to Tuesday Tales! Our group of authors will be writing this week to the word prompt "sticky". Visit each one and their their story. Thank you for coming. 

JEAN JOACHIM (Football Romance)

A red knit cap covered his bald head.


TRISHA FAYE (Contemporary Fiction)

Pulling her attention back to the teacher’s lesson, for the next hour Peggy immersed herself in antiquities.

JILLIAN CHANTAL (Contemporary Fantasy)

Lu tried to shake her head, but it hurt too much.  

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Contemporary Romance)

“Reckless Randy! Fancy seeing you here dressed like that,” he said.

FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS (Highlander Romance)

The symbols vibrated within her. She tasted their essence on her tongue.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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