Monday, August 9, 2021

Tuesday Tales From the Word CREAM


Where has the summer gone? Around here, we've had cool fall nights far too soon. Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales. Our authors have created scenes for you incorporating the word CREAM. Why not check them all out? Feel free to comment. We all love hearing from our readers. 

V.L. LOCEY (MM Holiday Romance)

His love for her and his father was evident, and theirs for him was just as plain.

TRISHA FAYE (Historical Fiction)

“You ever feel worried with so many German prisoners there?”

 TRICIA ANDERSEN (Small town Romance)

“I’m sure he’s dying to meet you, too.”

 JEAN JOACHIM (Historical Romance)

Martha sensed heat in her face.


“After all, her sister is in a pretty pickle.”

 SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Holiday Romance)

He would’ve promised to lasso the moon if it made Luke rest easier.

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