Monday, December 7, 2020

Tuesday Tales December Picture Prompt


Welcome! This week the Tuesday Tales authors are working with one of the following picture prompts. Please make sure to visit each blog and leave a comment. Happy holidays! 

Trisha Faye (Historical Fiction)

I love working on stitchery, but it takes so long to finish anything.

Tricia Andersen (Greek God/Paranormal Romance)

She remembered him from somewhere. It couldn’t be...

Jillian Chantal (Paranormal)

“Walking is much easier than sitting at this point in my life.”  

Jean Joachim (Holiday Romance)

“Ho, ho, ho. You’re such a Grinch.”

Flossie Benton Rogers (Historical Fantasy) 

Like white star fire, Delphine’s hair dazzled beneath the full face of the moon.

Susanne Matthews (Romantic Thriller)

He reminded her of Danny on Blue Bloods, one of her favorite television shows.  

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