Monday, June 10, 2019


V.L. LOCEY - MM Historical Romance
Three days later we spied the cabin.

TRISHA FAYE - Historical Short Story
“Quiet as church mice I see. Shoo! Go on and play. Your Daddy and I are discussing a family matter.”

TRICIA ANDERSEN - Greek god/Paranormal Romance
Pregnancy brain struck her like the plague.

DAVEE JONES - Contemporary Romance
"I remember your favorite flower.” Connor’s words floated through the air as he bent forward, plucking a tall proud Indian Paint Brush from the ground.

SUSANNE MATTHEWS - Historical romance suspense

Whoever this poor girl was, she wasn’t her Isabelle.

FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS - Medieval Knight Romance
The tyke’s grubby hands bespoke his morning labor in the field.

JEAN JOACHIM - Urban Fantasy
That bush was like me. Looked the same as every other bush on the outside, but inside, it’s different.

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