Monday, January 8, 2018

Tuesday January 9, 2018 Where Ideas Become Stories

Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales, the closed blog hop where a group of writers share their work in progress with you, the readers. Each week's entry is based on a word or picture prompt. This week, our word is TWIG. Enjoy! Follow the links to read the individual posts. Make sure you visit everyone. There's something here for everyone!

FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS  (Dark Fantasy Romance)
Tattered clothes hung off his shrunken body, and his eyes were empty sockets of coal dust.

TRICIA ANDERSEN  (Paranormal/Greek God Romance)
"So just be patient with me. I love you. Nothing will change that ever."

JEAN JOACHIM (Women’s Fiction)
"Baby, baby, baby. Don’t cry. It’ll be okay."

TRISHA FAYE  (Historical Fiction)
Until morning came and Stugie woke up sick, changing all the plans yet again.

V.L. LOCEY  (MM Hockey Romance)
Bucky’s tail thumped on the covers as soon as my eyes opened. That made me smile. How could it not?

SUSANNE MATTHEWS  (Women’s Fiction)
“With a name like Solitaire, I would’ve expected you to be an only child.”

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