Monday, November 6, 2017

Tuesday Tales November 7 Using the Word PREPARE

Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tales, where ideas blossom into words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and eventually novels. Books are born here, and readers get the chance to watch the stories develop week by week, post by post.

This week, our word prompt is PREPARE.


Trisha Faye    Historical Fiction

After months of trying different recipes, through Southern California’s heat of the summer, the clock was out of time.

V.L. Locey    MF Hockey Romance

Morning skate was more like morning agony.

Tricia Andersen    Paranormal/Greek God Romance.

You’re ready to give her up for this...vampire?

Susanne Matthews    Women’s Fiction

In a time where virginity was something to be prized, talking about French kissing, petting, and going all the way was alien to me.

She and I both hunkered down lower as if making ourselves smaller would make us bullet proof.

Jean Joachim    Women's Fiction

He’d been the aloof professor, totally unbending. She’d begged to no avail.

Davee Jones    Paranormal Romance

Owen gritted his teeth, preparing for a long night ahead. 

Flossie Benton Rogers    Light Paranormal

“I’ll be back with iced tea soon as I shed these stockings.”

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