Monday, July 10, 2017

Tuesday Tales- July 11, 2017 - Earth

Welcome to Tuesday Tales, where authors write stories to word prompts. This week the word prompt is Earth. Click on the author’s name to read their tale. Come back and visit them all.  Thanks for stopping by!


 V.L. Locey: MM Hockey Romance

I glanced out the windows at Ben Franklin standing atop City Hall.

Trisha Faye: Historical Fiction

“This isn’t as important as these flyers about our right to vote, but…are you two coming to my birthday party?”

Jillian Chantal: YA horror

Pushing me away, he added, “Go save your friend.” 

Tricia Anderson: paranormal/Greek god romance.

 “I’m the owner of this establishment,” Ares informed him. Then he growled. “And she’s with me.”

Flossie Benton Rogers: Paranormal Vintage Romance 

His fingers bit into her flesh. “You have no idea how many Grants race around inside my brain.”

Jean Joachim: Genre: Rural Romance

He woke up early the next morning. Panic set in. 

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you next week! 


  1. This looks like a fun activity, Trisha.

  2. Interested to know what happened to the quilt toppers from your other blog post. This is an interesting activity.