Monday, September 12, 2016

Tuesday Tales for September 13, 2016
From the word PAPER

Good morning. Welcome to this week's edition of Tuesday Tales. This week's lineup is one of the best. We hope you enjoy our efforts. Without further ado, here's what we've done with the word, paper. 

M/M Hockey Romance
“You about done with your goalie voodoo hoodoo ritual?”

Contemporary Romance
“Outfit's complete. Just missing a witch's hat.”

Contemporary Romance
While the song might say “all the girls got prettier at closing time,” she was the only one in the room worth a second glance.

Modern Historical Romance
Maggie didn’t believe John was serious about marriage until the night he pulled something from his pocket, and it wasn’t a ring.

Contemporary Murder Mystery
“Could that be our poison?”

Contemporary Romance
“I know there is a lot going on inside your head. And I’m sure you want to know what’s going on in mine.”

MMA Romance
Dani felt her senses waken just before she was aware of the warm, muscular chest that served as her pillow.


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