Monday, August 22, 2016


Welcome! We're back with the word prompt "fan" this week. Just click on the author's name and go to her blog. Don't forget to return to read the other stories. Thank you for coming. 

V.L. LOCEY (M/M Hockey Romance)
After I had been knocked to my ass for a third time, I got a little upset and had a talk with the ref.

TRISHA FAYE (Contemporary Romance)
The laughter in his eyes dimmed as he looked deep within her eyes, holding her gaze with an intense, magnetic stare.

SUSANNE MATTHEWS (Contemporary Romance)
“We can all use a touch of magic right now,” Paul whispered in her ear.

JEAN JOACHIM (Modern Historical Romance)
“No? Just humiliated, then. Good reason to go.” She continued to pack her few possessions.

SARAH CASS (Urban Fantasy)
Lines:  “We’re being followed.” Kane’s words were enough to snap her attention back to him.

“No, sweetheart. I figure you making me breakfast would still be part of this date. Or if we get up late you can make me lunch.”

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