Monday, September 28, 2015

Tuesday Tales - Glass #authors #writing to a #prompt

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"She’s in the hospital. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but she should have family here."
V.L. Locey - M/M Historical Romance
Andrew was seated on the floor, his steel trucks tossed aside in favor of cap guns riding low on his hips in leather holsters.

Davee Jones - Contemporary Romance"I can’t wait for the day we actually use crystal instead of glass."
Trisha Faye - Contemporary Fiction
I watched a turtle’s tiny head cutting through the surface towards the bank as I gathered my thoughts.
Susanne Matthews - Contemporary/paranormal/suspense Having a stranger, especially a male RCMP officer help her out of the tubnaked as a jaybirdwasn’t going to happen.

Jean Joachim - Rural Romance
After a big swig, she plucked the skinny envelope out of her purse and eyed it with suspicion.

Flossie Benton Rogers - Paranormal Romance
Although he had been expecting it, the announcement of Garnet’s name half gutted him.

Tricia Andersen - Romantic Suspense
"You were right, lads," he mumbled to himself. "Getting married, falling in love. Huge mistake."

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  1. Hello -- I'd like to join in the fun here! I just posted a story based on a different challenge, which also has the word "glass" in it, just by chance. :)

    Feel free to add it if you'd like, and then I'll link back to this page.