Monday, July 20, 2015

Tuesday Tales - Tiger


Welcome to Tuesday Tales! 
This week our writers had the fun challenge of incorporating the word prompt Tiger.
Click on the writer's name to go to their blog and read their story. Don't forget to come back and enjoy all the stories here.
Thank you for coming.

Sarah Cass (Contemporary Holiday)
“But we could dress up.” Kyle grinned wickedly.

V.L. Locey (Multicultural Romance)
Within ten minutes, the four of us were bundled up and headed along the path that led to the magical trout lake.

Iris Blobel (Contemporary Romance)
Ethan gathered her in his arms and carried her to her bed.

Jean Joachim (Modern historical) 
“Maggie, which should I wear? This pants outfit or the dress?”

Morgan Wyatt (Romantic Suspense) 
It was Will, behind her wasn’t it? 

Trisha Fay (Contemporary Romance) 
“Oh, babe, of course I forgive you.” As he wrapped his arms around Sally, he added, “Under one condition.”

Joselyn Vaughn (Romantic Comedy)
Who would want a nose full of hay fever that this deli appeared to be?

Jillian Chantal (Contemporary)
“Invite me?”

Tricia Anderson (Contemporary Suspense) 
“We’re going for a ride.”
“Like hell you are.”

Flossie Benton Rogers (Paranormal Romance)
Golden light billowed around the translucent form of the half-naked man.

Davee Jones (Contemporary romance)
 "Who needs a tiger when we have a cougar?"

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