Monday, April 6, 2015

Tuesday Tales - Where #Authors #Write to a Prompt - SPEAK

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"What random hell now?"
Ethan turned around and looked straight into a pair of beautiful blue eyes"

V.L. Locey (Multicultural Romance)
Heating pads and Heavenly Hash work wonders.

Trisha Faye (Contemporary Romance)
“I thought it was complicated. It turns out that it isn’t.”

Jillian Chantal (Contemporary)
News flash. I’m an adult. 

Jean Joachim (Modern Historical Romance)
He leaned over a little closer to her. “But a little kiss might be just the ticket to get you what you want.

Tricia Anderson (Contemporary Sports Romance)
"Lily, whatever stupid thing my cousin did, please forgive him.  He really loves you.”

Kathleen Ball (Historical Western Romance)
"No, honey, John doesn't own a ranch. Oh my, what did you say your name was?

Davee Jones (Contemporary Romance)
"I once prided myself there wasn't anyone I needed to see or speak to everyday."

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