Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tuesday Tales - 10 Writers Writing To The Prompt 'Short'

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! This week we have 10 writers that have joined in on the word prompt "Short". Click on the writer's name to go to their blog. Thank you for coming.

JEAN JOACHIM (Sports Romance)
After the Kings’ victory, Buddy, their wide receiver, ran to the stands. He led Emmie to a quiet corner.

SHERRY GLOAG (Romantic Suspense)
He stilled when he heard a rustling outside.

TRISHA FAYE (Contemporary Romance)
“No, Marie, no blind dates for me. I have no intention of getting involved with any man again.”

JILLIAN CHANTAL (Contemporary)
“Uh-oh, it’s always bad when they start praying.”

V.L. LOCEY (Multicultural Romance)
“You want to go back for gloves?” he asked, each word steaming my palms.

DAVEE JONES (Contemporary Romance)
"As a lover, he fell short. As a kidnapper, he scared me witless."

FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS (Paranormal Romance)
Tossing down her satchel, Neva sank cross legged to the ground.

SARAH CASS (Urban Fantasy)
"Maybe Elan was stupid, but then again maybe she was the smartest one here. We need Mom."

JAMIE SALISBURY (Contemporary Romance)
Handing him a glass of wine, I followed him out of the kitchen. He sat down on one of the leather sofas facing the water, and put his feet up on the coffee table.

MORGAN WYATT (Contemporary/ Cougar)
The man had potential remembering the spark that zipped up her arm when he touched her hand. Try not to think about it. 

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