Monday, December 9, 2013


Welcome to Tuesday Tales! We're writing to the prompt "check". Click on the writer's name to go to their blog and read their story. Don't forget to return to read more. Thank you for coming!
JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance) 
His Leading Lady 
Mark tried to change the subject when she gushed over him.
TRISHA FAYE(Historical Fiction)
Bea stood in the kitchen, holding cupboard doors open with each hand, surveying the shelves in search of ingredients.
TRICIA ANDERSEN (Steampunk Romance)
Gideon’s grin grew wide as he led her to the second floor.  He was going to enjoy having an assistant, especially one as breathtakingly beautiful as Emma.  
IRIS BLOBEL (Sports Romance)
“What are you doing here anyway?” he shouted from down the hall.  Yes, what was she doing here?
V. L. LOCEY (M/M, Historical Romance)
I knelt at his side. The need to touch him was damned powerful.
LINDSAY DOWNS (Regency Romance)
“Blast it man, will you stop sneaking around,” Peter ordered.
Kai took him into the building, the first floor was nothing more than a greeting area the desk was not manned by a Norg. A slim grey humanoid with large black eyes sat with a clipboard and pen.
Tamping down on her rising panic Amanda forced herself to turn her back on the mystery man and his interest in the other woman.
MORGAN K. WYATT (Contemporary Romance)
The Inheritance
The older man shook his head and sighed deeply. “I wish you hadn’t done that. It’s going to make things sticky when you meet today.” 

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