Monday, January 21, 2013


Welcome to Tuesday Tales. Thank you for coming. Our writers are writing stories to the word prompt, "package". To read each story.
IRIS BLOBEL (Aussie Romance)
Katie was glad Ty had pulled her down to sit next to him. That kiss had not only stolen her breath, but also gave her jelly legs.
VL LOCEY (Romantic Comedy)
'There are caves and then there are caves.'
TRICIA ANDERSEN (Medieval Fantasy Romance)
Miranda silently paced the ghostly white marble floor, her crimson silk gown brushing against the silver veined stone.  She sent all the servants away wishing to be alone for the day.
It was not long before Silf and Stan took action, the first thing they did was gather their belongings. They went to leave the room but it was locked.
CHRISTINA COLE  (Paranormal Romance)
"Love Spells"
Ellie dropped the deck of cards.
Could Miranda be right about Stefan? The magic he possessed was too strong to be denied, 
but was it a power for good? Or was his magic dark -- and dangerous?LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Suspense)
Separating his mouth from her she said in a whispered sensual voice, “Think we got time for some hot sweaty sex?”
 E. A. IRWIN (Drama)
Barbara didn’t need the incessant ring of the doorbell adding another layer of nuisance to her already harried day.
SELAH JANEL (Dark Fantasy)
The sun had barely  crept under the frosty horizon, stealing light and comfort from the mountain village. Above the thatched rooftops that leaked pleasant-smelling smoke and food smells, far up the mountain, the soft, insistent footsteps crunched…and stopped.
He braked to a halt, hauled in a deep breath and eased out of his car. Shocked had drained all colour from the farmer’s face where he stood leaning against the huge back wheel of the tractor. 
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Larry had gotten them a package deal to Las Vegas.  He found some prime real estate he thought they should invest in.
TAINA VICARI (Fantasy/Sci Fi)
Sabrina was watching from a distance the inauguration of the newest President of the United States. All had gone as Ishmael planned. She new it was only a matter of time before there was going to be another war. A war that this world could not possibly fathom.
DAVEE JONES (Demonic Paranormal Thriller)
"Blue Ink: The Skin Stalker"
When Colin returned from the run, The Skin Stalker was still in the same location."
The bruises on her body were testament that her choice to leave was unwise. He wanted to cradle her and tell her that everything would be all right 
It was a small package. Brown casing. Gold ribbon tied very carefully to give it an elegant look, but still a very manly look. It had been wrapped with love, with excitement, with anticipation.

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  1. Read all the entries. Wow. I am so humbled to be included in such a group of talented writers. I tried to leave everyone a comment, but WordPress did not like me. I couldn't leave comments for the following so here they are:
    --Lindsay Downs/Jessica Sales: Wonder if Jessica will be flustered when she receives her package. Loved the tension in the story. Well done.
    --Tricia Andersen: Hope Thatcher gets the girl, although I can't see Brunon letting Miranda slip through his fingers. Theirs will be a fight to the death....I hope. I love medievals!
    --Selah Janel: The Saint and the Devil. I was scared, and I am certainly not opening any packages that come in a sack. I only came out from under the bed because it's light out, and I have to go to work.

    Congratulations to everyone on their great "tales." See you next Tuesday! ---maria