Monday, November 26, 2012


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JEAN JOACHIM (Contemporary Romance - Rated R)
“I’d better get laid tonight, Reid,” Darvin Sweetwater, star quarterback for the Nevada Gamblers called to his teammate, Tom Reid.
KAREN CINO (Contemporary Romance)
Pia took a sip of her wine before setting her long blue stem glass down on the frosted glass coasters on her cocktail table.
V. L. LOCEY (Romantic Comedy)
Ares has two war horses - Fear and Dread – that pull his golden chariot.
LINDSAY DOWNS (Sensual Suspense)
As they drove away from the marina Jessica kept her eyes focused on the yacht, now ownerless. I wonder how I can buy it.
Paul fell behind the party, his legs had become cramped. Silf and Stan were engaged in conversation so they did not notice.
DAKOTA TRACE (/Erotic Romance - Rated PG)
Taking a deep breath, Thea clenched her purse in her hand. The deep scarlet sundress she’d purchased on whim now seemed rather dowdy compared to the flamboyant and somewhat brazen off the shoulder peasant blouses and long flowing multi-hued skirts of other guests.
CATHERINE GREENFEDER  c (Time Travel Romance)
"Mistress of Pendragon" 
 Emboldened she took a sip of the honey wine, meade he called it, and eyed him warily over the rim of the goblet. The golden liquid warmed her parched throat.
IRIS BLOBEL (Aussie Romance)
Ty noticed that his step was faster than usual. Not that it bothered him. He was fit.
SHERRY GLOAG (Contemporary Romance)
She cursed when her opponent’s foil whipped past her face. She pushed her thoughts away, but along with the next clash of blades they came right back again.
CAROLYN GIBBS (Romance Suspense)
On the last night of the conference, after missing most of the activities, Claire and Nancy decided to make an appearance at the cocktail party.
When she opened her eyes there stood Doc Owens, Hunter, Cindy and Jake all staring at her. Immediately she struggled to get up. “I’m fine really.”
SONIA HIGHTOWER (Contemporary Erotica, Rated PG-13)
“Six wineries, a fancy lunch, two nights in a four-star hotel.  I. Am. So. There.”

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  1. Adrianne suddenly felt flush. She realized that the man she had been in love with for years was standing right behind her. Of course it could have been the three glasses of cheap Chardonnay she had downed before he arrived at the neighborhood bar. She contemplated whether to talk to him or just keep drinking.